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Occupying the Flagstaff Bridal Fair

Posted on: February 23, 2013

Despite the success of Wedding Alternatives/The Alternative Wedding Book, I’d never been to a bridal fair. They seemed so commercial, so extravagant. Now that my daughter’s getting married, I get to go along to the Bridal Fair in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I didn’t want to spend two hours talking about photography packages and overpriced cakes and honeymoon locations, so I devised a plan to be a little subversive. I’d carry a copy of the book with a little sign “Free Copy?” My daughter saw right through that ploy when I asked to borrow her copy, and proclaimed, “Nothing political today, Dad.”

So, I made a little sign, “Want to Simplify Your Wedding?” The lady in charge quashed that plan. But she gave me permission to talk informally to guests there.

What should my approach be? I need to be able to tell my story quickly. I can’t expect to hold a stranger’s attention for more than ten seconds.

“Hi, I’m Jerry, father of the bride today. I’m giving away a free book on simplifying weddings. Would you be interested? It’s on-line. I can give you the address and you can read it at your convenience.”

I approached guys first, thinking they would be most interested. Then older women, then couples. Only two said no, and most of the dozen I approached were really thankful!

You could try the same thing.


Gerald Iversen, 1/26/13

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[…] when I discovered something fascinating and greatly consoling as your pastor.  I love that you are occupying wedding fairs. I know when I was a bride-to-be, I would have given anything to have someone deflate my anxiety […]

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