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One Way to Solve Our Beggar Dilemma

Posted on: March 1, 2013


Graphic from Spirit of Simplicity:
6. Alternative Giving

Jesus calls all who would follow him to a joyful life of carefree unconcern for possessions: “Give to everyone who begs from you, and do not refuse anyone who wants to borrow from you.” — Matthew 5:42

A prophet I respect, Shane Claiborne, has said that yes, we do need to give, but not necessarily what the beggar is asking for. Sometimes acknowledgment is enough, a smile, a greeting, some sort of recognition.

My spouse Rita has struggled with giving to beggars for fear that the money might be used for drugs. We have taken them to grocery stores and restaurants. Beggars seem to love California’s Central Coast.

So, in a recent epiphany, Rita thought of one way to solve our dilemma – crunch bars! We now carry a large box of healthful bars in our car, along with copies of a list of places to receive free food in our community. We also carry them in our purse or pocket and hand them both out as we walk or drive.

We think this act is enough to be helpful without encouraging addiction or dependency. We always receive a word of gratitude.


Gerald, 3/1/13

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We have plastic bags of. Non-perishables we give out.

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