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Test Driving the Shiny New Index

Posted on: March 2, 2013


Pentecost graphic from Worship Alternatives: Art 2

I’ve been told that the number of publications in Simple Living Works! Archives/Resource Bank is overwhelming.

To make it more accessible, I’ve created yet another index, this one by Themes or Seasons. So, our hundreds of resources can now be accessed by “Advent/Christmas,” “Lent/Easter,” “Other Seasons” (such as Pentecost), and “Anytme/Non-seasonal” (such as Rites of Passage).

Just last week Carol Guenther said on SLW! Facebook page, “Just wanted to say your Lenten daily calendars have been a welcomed addition to our practices at St. Mark’s Lutheran church by the Narrows in Tacoma, WA. Challenging, but welcomed!”

Though Lent is well underway, if you’re looking for personal or group resources, scan through Lent/Easter. If you’re planning ahead for Pentecost, visit Other Seasons. Access the new index from Window #6 at SLW! Home.

“TMI! TMI!” Rita’s shouting in my head. Too Much Information. So, I’ll stop now.

 Take a test drive.



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