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Simply Delicious: Quantity Cooking for Churches

Posted on: March 10, 2013

ImageAlternatives’ Legacy Publication

Security, ultimately, comes not from what we have, but how we live. During the later part of the 1970s a quiet revolution began to unfold. People from virtually every walk of life began to experiment with alternative life-styles. These explorations have to do with a spirit of self-sufficiency. Prominent among the life-style changes has been how and what we eat. Eating has become a subtle source of many, many other awarenesses, some that even reach down into oil wells and others that connect us with our undernourished neighbors.

Each day most of us sit down three times to eat. Thus we are almost continually reminded of our “selves” and that which “goes into us” to make us what we are as healthy, functioning organisms. But it does not stop there. Many are also being reminded at the table that the source of food – how it is grown, where it comes from, how it gets here, its energy determinate – is now an important stewardship question. We are thinking both “upstream” into our bodies, and ” downstream” into the source of food. In such thinking we are continually reconnected to the Earth’s life support system.

This free book is the result of loving concern about our relationship to all with whom we share this Earth. It is meant to be a practical guide to nutritional and ethical eating. The book is one of many steps towards “lifestyle security.” Our security does not depend upon forces external to us, but upon the internal acceptance of who we are as children of God, acknowledging our interdependence on finite planet Earth. Such an acceptance can enable us to shift our style of living to take into consideration all who inhabit God’s grand creation. The future depends not upon nature (which is more than plentiful for all on earth if we are not greedy) but upon whether we decide, or fail to decide, to act as stewards of our bodies and of the Earth itself. This can begin with what and how we eat.


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