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Unmasking the Gods of the Economy

Posted on: March 15, 2013

Gates.NurturingTheProphetic.27423An interdisciplinary conference, “Nurturing the Prophetic Imagination,” was called together in March, 2010, by Jamie Gates, Mark Mann, and others at Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego. You can get in on many of the presentations because Jamie and Mark have edited a book that includes presentations by Kathleen Norris, Michael Dyson, Bill McKibben, and Emmanual Katongole.

Among the 14 others, Lee Van Ham presented “Unmasking the Gods of the Marketplace.” It responds to one of the questions the conference asked, “Is there such a thing as God’s Economy?” and describes how today’s economy functions like religion, attracting more devotees than any other American or world religion.

Of the book, William Cavanaugh, DePaul University, Chicago, says:

These essays share the conviction that it is not enough to rail against the injustices of the real world; instead, we need to question how real the real world is. To live inside the prophetic imagination is to see that what passes for reality is not the way the world is in God’s eyes. The prophet sets forth a more compelling vision of what is real and invites others to inhabit that world. These essays allow the reader not only to reflect on ancient themes of prophecy, but to locate concretely where prophecy lives today. This is a tremendously hopeful book. 

You can order your copy through Jubilee Economics ($25) or direct from the publishers ($23) Wipf and Stock, Eugene, OR.

A recent blog at about this chapter/book.

The Common Good Podcast: Prophetic Imagination, Envisioning a New Economy

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