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“Faces of Simpler Living” Travel Journal

Posted on: March 18, 2013


Spirit of Simplicity:
2. Building Community

Re: SLW! eNews #18

This is a great alternative to reading about the Sequestration and Paul Ryan Budget (and what is going on in NC–reducing UI benefits, not expanding medicaid, voter ID, re-instituting death penalty, etc etc)–ugh! Your messages brought a light breathe to my day…thanks, Gerald.

Sandy Irving, Raleigh, NC

Friday, March 15

Sandy hosted Rita and I in her home on a speaking tour. To see the event, scroll down and click on Year 1.0. Then scroll down to posts #29-30.

See whom I met in your area and what they said.

Simple Livers need support. The faces and comments of others make our chosen lifestyle more realistic, more fun, more possible, more faithful.

Meet other Simple Livers around the country. I had the honor to speak to over 300 groups in over 40 states in 30 months. The following blogs or travel journals are arranged in chronological order. To read about what happened in your area, find your state below. Click on the appropriate year and then use the blog numbers. The city names are in bold.

To view the presentation I used in year two and following, see the updated Simple Living Works!

All of the pictures in this journal are of real people I met on my travels. None are models or stock photos. The text is from notes I took on the spot. They’re intentionally brief, pithy. The style changes over time. To protect my hosts’ privacy, I have abbreviated most last names.

Year 1
Hello! Welcome #1-3
Des Moines-Chicago #4-5
Sioux Falls #5-7
Twin Cities #8-20
California 1 #21-27
North Carolina #28-55

Year 1.5
California 2 #56-72
Colorado #73-82
Kansas City #83-87
Chicago-MI-OH #88-106
St. Louis-Sn IL #107-119
Omaha/Lincoln #120-124

Year 2 
Sioux Falls #125-129 
KS, OK, TX #130-158 
Albuquerque #159-160 

Year 2.5 
NorthWest #161-186

  • ID, WA, OR, UT, WY

NorthEast #187-216

  • IN, OH, PA, MD, NJ, NY, NH, MA, CT

Local #217-219 

Year 3 to present 
Denver Area (+WY) #220-229 
SouthEast #230-272

  • IN, OH, WV, TN, VA, SC, FL, GA, KY

Wisconsin (+MN, SD) #273-286 
Local #287-

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[…] I had the pleasure of meeting many of those volunteers on speaking tours to 300+ spots in 40+ states over 2-1/2 years. Meet some of them and see their pictures. | Faces of Simple Living blog […]

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