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Posted on: April 12, 2013

ImageI count Bob Sitze as one of a handful of real champions of contemporary faith-based voluntary simple living. His twice-a-week blogs at make me think. And they make me chuck more than all the other blogs I read put together. (Anyone can read his posts but only subscribers to The Lutheran can leave comments. Lucky me.) I read Bob’s new book in installments.

Here’s what Bob says about his latest.


I’m pleased to announce that the Alban Institute has now published my first e-book, available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, Simple Enough: A Companion for the Journey. The book is a collection of about 150 entries that span an imagined year’s journey through life. (The entries were originally published at the Web site for Lutheran Magazine, and adapted to an e-reader format.)  If you’re seeking simplicity in your life, I think these 300-word entries could serve as periodic nudges or encouragements for your persistence in trying to walk lightly on the Earth. Sometimes the writing will make you fret, at other times chuckle — and perhaps wince a little bit, too. My intent in all these entries is to encourage you along the way.

ImageI hope you find Simple Enough worthy of your consideration as an e-book e-companion.

God keep you joyful!

Bob Sitze

And his publisher says. . .

In his newest work, simplicity blogger Bob Sitze offers readers a year’s worth of periodic observations into the universe of simple living. Sometimes whimsical, often challenging, and always encouraging, Simple Enough wanders through the landscape of contemporary society, helping readers make sense out of their earnest attempts to find joy in managing their lifestyles. Over 150 short and sturdy entries fill the book, casting the author’s insistent eye on parenting, consumerism, faith-based decision-making, technology, daily-life stewardship, and congregational life. A special bonus section helps church leaders approach annual fund-raising efforts in simple ways.

ISBN# 978-1-56699-438-5
Alban No. 438
Digital Only

About the Author

Church consultant, writer and self-styled neuroecclesiologist Bob Sitze brings decades of significant congregational and denominational leadership to this book. His previous works for Alban Institute include Starting Simple: Conversations About the Way We Live. An ardent critic and beneficiary of contemporary church life, Bob lives and works alongside his spouse Chris in Wheaton, Illinois.

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[…] Oct. 15 podcast — Bob Sitze, author, blogger […]

[…] Oct. 15 podcast — Bob Sitze, author, blogger […]

[…] Oct. 15  — Bob Sitze, author, blogger […]

[…] Oct. 15  — Bob Sitze, author, blogger […]

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