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Courage to Think Differently

Posted on: April 17, 2013

courage_brochure-frontThis collection of essays by many well-known writers takes a look at our culture and asks, “Do you have the courage to think differently?” The book is tenacious and passionate. It is a rich resource for missional thinking about the Christian church.

Written and edited by George S. Johnson.

In the Preface, Walter Brueggemann says,

Johnson sees clearly that the Gospel in its central intent is not about saving of souls, as in much traditional piety. It is about the rule of God in the world and the ways in which that rule impinges upon matters of economics and politics. Johnson has recruited a remarkable cast of our most courageous activist thinkers.

In the Foreword, Frances Moore Lappe says,

As I see it, today’s hyper-tribe, herded by global institutions of media and corporate expansion, is paddling right over Victoria Falls. That is, we appear headed toward mega-catastrophe, whether it’s the specter of massive climate dislocations, species decimation or “simply” economic inequalities so vast we can no longer communicate as a single species.

So, today, staying with the pack, which once ensured life, now means certain death for all we love. Simply put, we must break with the pack to protect life, even though it’s the scariest thing of all. That’s why I rank courage as today’s critical virtue.

And it is why I love this book. It calls us to think deeply about what it takes to “think differently.” How do we build courage? How do we spread it?

Courage to Think Differently falls squarely into several of the five Life Standards of Voluntary Simplicity – Do Justice, Non-conform Freely, etc.

Self-published with the help of friends, 300+ pages for $10 with generous quantity discounts for an Adult Forum or book club. Order direct from the publisher, or 1-800-678-7006 (or, if you dare, from

George S. Johnson is the author of Beyond Guilt and Powerlessness, Critical Decisions in Following Jesus, and co-author of Evangelism and the Poor. He has served as the Director of the Hunger Program for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and Third World Opportunities. He served parishes in MN and CA, and now lives with his wife, Vivian, in Laguna Woods, CA.

Read his essay Grace Yes, But Not Only Grace.

Read my brief blog about meeting George. Click, then scroll down to Post #71.


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[…] George has authored several books, including Beyond Guilt and Powerlessness and recently, Courage to Think Differently. […]

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