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Phony Alert!

Posted on: May 12, 2013

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Graphic: Spirit of Simplicity Quotes & Art
5. Media

Some advertisers try to capitalize on peoples’ desire for simpler lives. Commercials use the Simplicity theme. An expensive luxury car is hyped with its picture along side the word “Simplify.” Denny’s restaurants use the slogan “Simplify your life. Eat out more.” A huge credit card processor proclaims “Simplify your life in the New Year! … Consolidate your holiday bills….” A typical account charges over 18% interest. Credit card “checks” (a form of the dreaded cash advance) have no grace period. Interest begins accruing immediately. At the same time, their late payment fee doubled! The Masters of Double Speak!

The magazine REAL SIMPLE would better be called FAKE SIMPLE. It claims to be “dedicated to helping you simplify every aspect of your life: your home, food, money, clothes, health, looks, work, family, and holidays.” But its REAL purpose is to sell more high-end stuff! It is one of the more disgusting examples of co-opting of the voluntary simplicity movement for commercial gain. Vicki Robin, co-author of “Your Money or Your Life,” more delicately calls the magazine “Faux Simple.”

Even St. Oprah falls into the trap when her magazine claims to help us un-clutter our lives by organizing. Could work. OR it could help us cram more stuff into smaller spaces. A good motto: Reduce, then organize. OR Reduce, reduce, reduce, reuse, recycle.

What to do? Let’s protect ourselves. We can’t remove the ads. I’ve developed quick reflexes to mute commercials on radio, TV and the internet. Even public radio and TV—NPR and PBS –  have “enhanced underwriting announcements.” Avert your eyes. Some folks do without TV altogether. Don’t buy or subscribe to mass-market magazines or newspapers. Read them at the library if you must. I laugh out loud at print ads.

My best solution is to watch non-commercial TV, such as Free Speech TV and Link TV: Your Connection with the World (on the two satellite networks or the internet at and The quality of the programming is significantly better because they’re not beholden to advertisers.


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