Simple Living Works!

Moving and Clutter

Posted on: June 26, 2013

1-A0236Since the concept of Enough is central to Simple Living, let’s think about Stuff, whether it be needs, wants or clutter. How do we control stuff so that it doesn’t control us?

When do we come to the realization that stuff has too much power in our lives? When we MOVE. . . and when we get the credit card bill after Christmas! (Also known as Teachable Moment Day.)

Think about a moment of insight and how you reacted. Ask, “How can I be pro-active in the future?”

More ideas:

The Common Good Podcast episode 28: Simple Living – Practical Implications

How to Influence Others

Also of interest:

What’s Happened to Simple Living?

The Five Life Standards of Living More with Less (series)

What Is Voluntary Simplicity?

Peace, Gerald

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