Simple Living Works!

Influencing Others

Posted on: June 27, 2013


People don’t like to be told how to live. So, how can we possibly influence others? Do counter-culturals have to be subversive not to be discounted?

The three steps of Simpler Living (and social change)

  • changing ourselves,
  • sharing with others,
  • working to change systems.
    Each step contains 12 suggestions and additional helps. To keep from being overwhelmed, focus on one suggestion in each step.

Influencing others begins with ourselves! Ask, “Where do I fit in the three levels of participation with our culture?” The answer may be “all three.”


A. Changing Ourselves

1. Prioritize changes we need to make, including both “big” and “little” changes. Do not allow tokenism – doing only small stuff, such as recycling, and ignoring the hard changes, such as reducing our dependence on our cars. Likewise, do little stuff to maintain a consciousness. Otherwise, the big changes may overwhelm us. It feels good to say, “Look at all the changes I’ve made!” But it’s tokenism if they’re all small stuff.

How to Influence Others (full text)

More ideas:

The Common Good Podcast episode 28 (audio): Simple Living – Practical Implications

Influencing Others – Brief Video

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Peace, Gerald

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