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Small Victories

Posted on: July 13, 2013

6-A2909My neighbor Vern’s never met a garden chemical he didn’t like. His lawn is unnaturally immaculate. He slaughtered twelve mature trees in his back yard last year because they dropped seeds in his dog’s water dish. I couldn’t bring myself to talk to him for a month.

I clear the snow from my drive with a large manual scoop. Works slick. Gives me good exercise. Makes me feel strong. Vern hires a guy with a blade on the front of his truck. Our drives are about the same size.

Wow was I shocked when Vern came over one morning last winter and asked to borrow the scoop. I loaned it to him in a flash. The next time it snowed I didn’t even wait for a request. I plopped it in front of his house. He used it, thanked me, asked where I got it.

Influencing neighbors and relatives is tricky. We’ll see what happens this coming winter.

In case you missed Influencing Others.

Center for a New American Dream promotes sharing and community.

As does

Peace, Gerald

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