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Evangelism or Environment?

Posted on: July 17, 2013

Destroy-Planet-Before-Jesus-Bumper-Sticker-(7280)I was talking with one of my relatives recently. He was obviously disappointed that SLW! was not an overt proselytizing organization. I told him about our call to care for all God’s Creation. He said that one soul was more important to him than all of the environment.

The problem is that God does not gives us that option. God calls us to care for all Creation, including both the spiritual (faith, inward) and discipleship (action, outward) parts of our Christian life.

My cousin’s attitude is typical of Christians who justify abuse (domination) of the Earth because “Jesus is coming back anyway and all will be destroyed.” But God does not give us that option as Christians. We are called to care for all Creation, regardless of when Jesus comes back. We don’t know when. WHEN is irrelevant. We have our calling now!

I love the ELCA* motto: “God’s Work. Our Hands.”

How about the bumper sticker What if we destroy the planet before Jesus gets back? (Yes, I wrote it.)

Free Earth Care quotes and art.

Peace, Gerald

*Evangelical Lutheran Church in America


1 Response to "Evangelism or Environment?"

Thank you! Human beings are but one tiny, tiny, tiny part of God’s creation (the universe is an awfully big place). We need to look after all of it, not just ourselves.

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