Simple Living Works!


Posted on: July 20, 2013

10-A1317People ask me why I continue to swim upstream. The purpose of my ministry continues to be helping Christians to walk their talk. A prophetic ministry is not about foretelling the future. It is about helping people to see the logical consequences of our actions.

So how do I get up each day? One of my main sources of inspiration has been the saying of St. Frances of Assisi, “We are not called to be successful but to be faithful.”

Another source is that voluntary simplicity is a comprehensive lifestyle – satisfying, effective, faithful and not deprivation. It’s so much more than wearing our favorite old clothes and growing a few tomatoes.  The five Life Standards of Living More with Less give us a framework.

Sometimes when I speak people say, “You’re just preaching to the choir.”  I reply, “Yes, because the choir needs to sing a whole lot louder!” People who are inclined to live more simply need support and tools. Changing those who are content with overconsumption is much harder. In case you missed Influencing Others.

Peace, Gerald

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