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Tyranny of Appearances

Posted on: July 23, 2013


Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art – 8. Media

Rodale*, the respected health publisher of Prevention magazine and others, has one for young adult women called “Organic Living.” Why include fashions, as well as fitness and health care products? Because as vice-chair Maria Rodale says (in an interview in LOHAS** Journal), the younger audience wants substance, but they want to look good too…. They want to do the right thing in their hearts, but they want to be comfortable and want to feel stylish while they’re doing it.”

To paraphrase: They want to DO GOOD… and they want to LOOK GOOD doing it.

I commend a long standing, respected organization for being in touch with times. I wish them well.

However, this is another example of why most men wear almost every day the most pervasive symbol of British imperialism – the neck tie. Or why women (mostly) buy enough cosmetics annually in North America to educate all the uneducated in the world! Or why people take diet pills or steroids to look like the latest waif or maxi-abs.

The tyranny of appearances. Heaven forbid that others see us the way we really are – physically, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally!

So we surround ourselves with stuff – expensive houses, multiple Earth-killing vehicles, inane collections. And we go into debt and mortgage our lives, dividing ourselves from our families to work to pay for all this stuff.

Let’s consider living a lot more simply. Reduce stress and debt. Have more TIME to enjoy relationships. Stuff is a burden! It distracts from joy.

To break the tyranny of appearances, consider:

  1. Wearing simple clothing that keeps us warm or cool as needed and that meets our level of modesty.
  2. Living, working and worshipping in dwellings that meet our needs for shelter, that use as few resources as possible in construction and maintenance.
  3. Eating simple nutritious foods, processed as little as possible.
  4. Using alternative transportation – car pooling, bus, walking, bikes.
  5. Participating in sports and entertainment that respect people and the Earth.

Notice that money’s not on the list. Some parts of this lifestyle cost more in cash than the “American Way” of doing it.

Remember the 5th Life Standard of Living More with Less: Non-conform Freely.

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Peace, Gerald

*We recommend “The Joy of Simple Living” from Rodale.

**LOHAS means “Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability.”

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