Simple Living Works!


Posted on: August 16, 2013

3856Sacrifice is in our heads. When we have enough, it is not a sacrifice or loss or deprivation to give up something we don’t really need.

In our affluent country, most of us have the privilege – not the “right”! – to decide our own needs, our own level of enough.

That level is determined by many factors – income, level of debt tolerance, morals, religion, up-bringing.

A big deciding factor, however, is the distinction between needs and wants. Basic human NEEDS are relatively easy to fulfill – food, shelter, love. WANTS are rarely ever satisfied. We are pulled by peer pressure, desire for status, and commercial messages (advertising) to fulfill more wants.

Needs are real. Wants are imaginary.

Giving up a want is not a sacrifice! That’s only in our heads. Giving up a real need is a real sacrifice.

Peace, Gerald “Jerry” Iversen, Chief Activist

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Graphic – Worship Alternatives: Art #3856

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