Simple Living Works!

Episode 2: 5 Life Standards

Posted on: August 19, 2013


Here are condensed Show Notes for this episode of SLW! Podcast.

You can access the direct podcast audio or the complete Show Notes with audio players (also at, then click window #3).

In this episode. . .

If you read my series of blogs on the 5 Life Standards awhile back, then you may especially enjoy them in the context of a podcast.

Five Life Standards from Living More with Less inform the mission of SLW!

1. Do Justice – using only our fair share of the Earth’s resources
2. Learn from the World Community – openness to other cultures; reverse missions and Fair Trade
3. Nurture People, Not Things – focus on relationships over stuff
4. Cherish the Nature Order – caring for Creation
5. Non-conform Freely – developing spiritual resistance to advertising that pressures us to buy things we don’t need

Support material for Living More with Less | Simple Living Works! web site THEMES/Seasons Index, episode #27 with co-host Lee Van Ham, briefly presents the 5 Life Standards. (The interview starts at minute 13. Only an excerpt was used in SLW! #2.) The conversation goes on to Practical Implications in episode 28. (Hint: We have really interesting folks lined up for this fall.)

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I’ve subscribed to a dozen favorite podcast series, so that they’re automatically downloaded into my computer to listen. Or I simply plug my iPod (mp3 player) into my computer and easily transfer them into my iPod for listening whenever/wherever I choose.

After three shorter, getting-acquainted episodes, we intend to produce a half-hour podcast twice a month, hopefully educational and inspiring for you, your family and your congregation or group. We’ll send you an email when each episode is posted when you click the box at the bottom of the show notes.

I hope you’re feeling comfortable accessing them, fitting them into your life and feeling their benefits.

You can access the podcast audio and the show notes either at or (then click window #3).

Still unconvinced? You may want to read my blog The Joy of Podcasts.

Peace, Gerald “Jerry” Iversen, Chief Activist

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