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Positive Feedback!

Posted on: August 28, 2013


The first three episodes of SLW! Podcast have drawn encouraging, positive response.

* * *

This is helpful! – Albertha

* * *

Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s hard to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appeal. I must say you’ve done a fantastic job with this. Also, the blog loads very fast for me on Chrome. Superb Blog

– Reduce Weight

* * *

First, great job! I love the color scheme of the website. I like the sound quality of the podcasts. Fabulous and appropriate music. Next, the podcasts are meaty. You may want to keep it to 15. . . maybe even make them shorter, but more frequent? That’s the start of my feedback. More later.


* * *

Content: Excellent, I enjoyed getting to know you in the first podcast, learning more about you and simple living in the second, and sealing the deal in the third. The relationship is well on its way.

Production Value: Voice quality is excellent, you have the perfect pitch for audio. Background music is well thought out and pleasing. Show notes are are helpful, links are helpful and logical. In fact, I found myself watching videos about simple living from the past.

I can see where your passion comes from, and it’s infectious. Thank you for sharing your life’s work with the rest of us.


* * *

I’ve listened to the first one. It’s a relaxing sound, slow-paced, clear. From the music to your voice. It’s sort of Mister-Rogers-like—that uncle talking about living simply in today’s world. I think you educate your listeners on what “show notes” are and where to find them. (smile)


* * *

Hi, Gerald:  I listened to episode 3 so far — my only recommendation is to clean up the transition between music and spoken word.  Other than that, it was good and your voice came through.  I’ll look forward to when you can interview people and be a bit more spontaneous with your comments so we can get a feel for you, not just your message.  Thanks so much and I’ll send more comments when I listen to the others.


* * *

iTunes Customer Review

Great “simple” podcast! 5 stars

Very simple podcast about simple living. Just what I was looking for. A little slow, but lots of inspirational ideas. Keep it up!!


[NOTE: I increased the pace in episode 4.]

* * *

The Plan

After our initial series of three shorter, getting-acquainted episodes, we intend to produce a half-hour podcast twice a month, hopefully educational and inspiring for you, your family and your congregation or group.

How to Listen and Comment

With podcasts, we can listen at a time that suits us.

I subscribe to my favorites so that they’re automatically downloaded into my computer. Then I simply plug my iPod into my computer and easily transfer them into my iPod for listening. I can also listen on my computer.

If you know the actual name of the podcast you want to hear, key that name into the search box at the upper right of the iTunes Store page.

There are numerous podcast services, such as iTunes can be used on PCs or Macs. It’s no more complicated than your browser for your email. SmartPhones and iPads (or tablets) also have apps to listen to podcasts.

You can access all the podcast audio and the show notes either at or at (then click window #3).

Or access individual episodes:

#1: Getting Acquainted

#2: 5 Life Standards

#3: Saga of Simply Enough

We’ll send you an email when each episode is posted when you click the box at the bottom of the show notes.

I hope you’re feeling comfortable accessing them, fitting them into your life and feeling their benefits.

When you go to the show notes — the written introduction — for each podcast episode, you’ll see an outline of the program plus lots of links to related or supporting material on the internet.

Your comments are welcome, either here, at the show notes, on the SLW! Facebook page, or by email at Podcast AT SimpleLivingWorks DOT org. You may want to comment on the content, the production values (like voice quality), the helpfulness of the show notes, etc.

If you think podcasting is a passing fad, be aware that iTunes just announced its one Billionth podcast subscription!

Do your friends a favor. Share this blog and podcast.

If you’re still not convinced, you may want to read my recent blog The Joy of Podcasts.

Peace, Gerald

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