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A Mustard Seed Advent

Posted on: November 12, 2013

sm-adventTom Sine is probably best known for the best-seller Mustard Seed Conspiracy and Mustard Seed vs. McWorld. He and spouse Christine have formed the Mustard Seed Associates and are building an educational eco-village on an island on the coast of Washington state.

Christine has authored several faith-based books, including Sacred Rhythms; co-authored the pictured Advent devotional collection: Waiting for the Light. Together they have written Living on Purpose.

I recently heard from her.

Gerald, So glad that you are doing this. I will mention it on my blog in the next few days. Would you mind if I reposted one of your blog posts? (With credits of course). I also thought you might be interested in the blog series I will host over the season – maybe you would like to contribute.

Christine Sine, Exec. Dir., Mustard Seed Associates

A worthwhile recent item from Christine: Lord Help Me to Live Simply: A Prayer | Tom’s blog

They’ve contributed to Alternatives’ “Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?” Reflections for Advent and the Christmas Season by Tom,  The Search for Meaning: Beyond a Commercialized World by Christine, and I Am a Recovering Christmas Hater by MSA volunteer/staffer Jessica Stevens.

Christine’s article is featured in the upcoming SLW! Podcast. Watch for it!

I visited them on a speaking tour (post #168).

When you get acquainted (or get caught up), you’ll see why I listed them as Champions of Simpler Living Today!

A friend of Christine’s worth meeting: Leah Kostamo, Earthkeeper, storyteller and author of Planted: A Story of Creation, Calling and Community.

* * *

Podcast Reminder

Episode 8 of SLW! podcast – Whose Birthday Is it, Anyway? – a radio adaptation of Alternatives’ best-known resource for Advent and Christmas. This episode features: What Does JESUS Want for Christmas? + 10 Free, Fun Things to Do with Your Family at Christmas

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COMING next episode: one of Alternatives’ audio shorts + 10 Tips for a Simpler, More Meaningful Christmas

SEASONAL HELPS from Treasury of Celebrations: Create Celebrations That Reflect Your Values and Don’t Cost the Earth* — September – December  |  ADVENT  |  CHRISTMAS

Investigate a few that might meet your personal, family or congregational/group needs. They’re all FREE.

Probably the best-known: UNPLUG the Christmas Machine Workshop Leader’s Guide (audio and text)

See episode 6 for a list of SEASONAL HELPS, including links to AV and Text resources. NEW – Advent/Christmas music from Sing Justice! Do Justice!

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