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12 Days of Christmas START on Christmas Day

Posted on: December 25, 2013

3-A2857The twelve days of Christmas lead up to Epiphany (Jan. 6), the “showing forth” when the three Wise Ones presented gifts to Jesus.

During those twelve days is Holy Innocents Day (or the Slaughter of the Innocents), Dec. 28, quite a contrast to the preposterous twelve gifts that have been stretched into religious symbols and that are used to promote consumerism now.

Check out these thought-provoking resources.

A Poem for Holy Innocents Day

Remembering the Holy Innocents

The Holy Family escaped the slaughter by their Flight into Egypt, a good time for us to think and talk about immigrants and welcoming the stranger.

Epiphany Resources

Epiphany | Epiphany Celebration | An Epiphany Celebration | Epiphany Gifts | Most series of reflections, activities and services in WHOSE Birthday? #1-17 include the Sundays after Christmas and conclude with Epiphany.

Listen to all six WHOSE Birthday? episodes of the SLW! podcast during the 12 Days of Christmas, from Christmas Day to Epiphany Day  — privately or with your family.

Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?

This Advent/Christmas/Epiphany Resource for Families, Individuals and Churches is for your personal inspiration, community education and sharing.

The online-only edition for 2014 has begun. You can submit ART or an ARTICLE. Prepare something while your memories are warm and your motivation high.

Want to Contribute? Submission Guidelines

Although this resource is not available in print, you may make all the copies you choose. It is covered by Creative Commons non-commercial attribution share-alike license. Photocopies of past issues are available at nominal cost form the ELCA Archives.

More Resources

Podcast Reminder

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Access individual episodes: #1-3: Getting Acquainted | #4-5: Beyond a Consumer Lifestyle | #6-11: Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway? | COMING #12: Living More with Less UPDATED

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