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New Year, New Daily Inspiration

Posted on: January 1, 2014


Simpler Living Alternative Calendar

Caring for All God’s Creation Through Simpler Living

The Purpose of the Calendar

We can change our wasteful habits into Caring for God’s Creation. We can start by living the “Environmental Tithe” – by reducing our consumption by at least 10%.

This calendar attempts to influence various aspects of our lives. Each month has a theme and related topics; ideas to contemplate, reflect, meditate or pray; to self-evaluate and discover; to investigate and educate ourselves and others; and to act, agitate and advocate. For serendipity a new topic may appear “out of the blue” from time to time.

It contains thought-provoking ART and it’s FREE.

How to Use the Calendar

Start Any Day… Start TODAY! Time and seasons are cyclical, continuous. Time does not begin with January and end with December. Jump in ANYWHERE. This calendar can be used any year. It includes no days of the week.

Read each day’s thought by yourself, with others, at home, at the office; print some as church bulletin blurbs, as newsletter fillers, etc. You don’t need permission. Write down and share your ideas and resolutions. Bookmark it so you can get back to it easily each day.  Click here for a few SAMPLES.

Want more copies for others? You may format it and distribute it as you choose under the non-commercial Creative Commons license.

* * *

Resources for Epiphany, Jan. 6

Epiphany | Epiphany Celebration | An Epiphany Celebration | Epiphany Gifts | Most series of reflections, activities and services in WHOSE Birthday? #1-17 include the Sundays after Christmas and conclude with Epiphany.

Listen to all six WHOSE Birthday? episodes of the SLW! podcast during the 12 Days of Christmas, from Christmas Day to Epiphany Day  — privately or with your family.

Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway? is an Advent/Christmas/Epiphany resource for families, individuals and churches, for your personal inspiration, community education and sharing. The online-only edition for 2014 has begun. You can submit ART or an ARTICLE. Prepare something while your memories are warm and your motivation high.

Want to Contribute? Submission Guidelines

Although this resource is not available in print, you may make all the copies you choose. It is covered by Creative Commons non-commercial attribution share-alike license. Photocopies of past issues are available at nominal cost form the ELCA Archives.

More Resources

Podcast Reminder

Access all SLW! podcast audio and the show notes either at or at (then click window #3). LISTEN through your computer, iPod, iPad, iPhone (or equivalent). SUBSCRIBE through or your favorite podcast service.

Access individual episodes: #1-3: Getting Acquainted | #4-5: Beyond a Consumer Lifestyle | #6-11: Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway? | #12: Living More with Less UPDATED

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Peace, Gerald “Jerry” Iversen, Chief SLW! Activist

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GRAPHIC: Spirit of Simplicity: Art: #3-A305, Dancing with Spirit

We do not solicit or accept donations, nor do we sell anything. All our resources and services are free of charge. We’re an all-volunteer organization.

*Treasury of Celebrations: published by Northstone, a division of Wood Lake Publications, BC, Canada, best known for its Seasons of the Spirit curriculum.

Through social media, we extend the mission and resources of the non-profit organization Alternatives, 1973-2011. Simple Living Works! web site home page | Theme/Seasons Index

To learn more about SLW! – our MISSION, for example — please listen to our getting-acquainted episodes, especially #1 and 2. We produce a half-hour podcast twice a month, hopefully educational and inspiring for you, your family and your congregation or group. We blog four times a week.

Copyright: Creative Commons non-commercial attribution share-alike license.

9 Responses to "New Year, New Daily Inspiration"

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[…] New Year, New Daily Inspiration: free Simpler Living Alternative Daily Calendar – Jan. 1 Blog […]

[…] New Year, New Daily Inspiration: free Simpler Living Alternative Daily Calendar – Jan. 1 Blog […]

[…] New Year, New Daily Inspiration: free Simpler Living Alternative Daily Calendar – Jan. 24 – “Quality time” can be a myth, an excuse to spend a little time together in order to spend more time working to make more money to accumulate more stuff. Quantity time is also needed for healthy relationships, being there… in sports and fun, worship, talking, the arts. If you find this is a problem, discipline yourself to keep track of relationship time and increase it 10% each month till you reach your goal. Jan. 25 – Life Standard: Non-conform Freely. The forces against living simply are extremely powerful and devious. Some of them are quiet, unwritten… like how we dress in church, how our house will look at Christmas time. But many of them can be loud, in-your-face forces that work to get as deeply into our pocketbook as possible. (See September for media pressures.) […]

[…] New Year, New Daily Inspiration: free Simpler Living Alternative Daily Calendar – Feb. 1 – Musicians are not exempt from the call to offer help to the needy and to care for God’s Creation. Urge your congregation to put on a benefit concert, including some music of social responsibility. Worthwhile musicals are Lazarus from Bread for the World, and The Race: A Simplicity Musical from the ELCA Hunger Program. […]

[…] New Year, New Daily Inspiration: free Simpler Living Alternative Daily Calendar – Feb. 8 – After the Bible, the hymnal often is the second most important book to many Christians. If you do not have one, buy your denominational hymnal for your office and home for private and family daily devotions. Read one hymn per day as poetry. Sing the ones you know. […]

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