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Why Celebrate Chinese New Year, Jan. 31?

Posted on: January 22, 2014


Here are some good reasons. . .

Chinese New Year

What’s Now with SLW!

  • Let’s Get Ready for a Simpler Lent & Easter  – Jan. 15 Podcast
  • Thought for the Day from free Simpler Living Alternative Daily Calendar. 
    • Jan. 21-Cooperative, non-competitive games nurture relationships. Try The Christmas Game IThe Christmas Game IIThe Anytime GameLifestories: a fun board game of telling tales; Futurestories; and Conversation Pieces: Parents, Kids and Other Animals. See September 19 for more titles.
    • Jan. 22-A weekly family meeting at a set time helps to coordinate schedules and gives children respect, inclusiveness and empowerment. It can also diffuse arguments. At a time of tension, one can say, “Let’s take this up at the family meeting.” Take turns taking minutes. Follow with family fun-time.

What’s Coming

  • Social Media Supplement to Simple Living 101: Tools for Activists Shy or Bold – Feb. 1 SLW! Podcast

What’s Happened

What Others Are Doing

More Resources

Podcast Reminder

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