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Perceived Value

Posted on: February 14, 2014

biblische Grafik GemeindebriefEarly in my career, when I worked as Public Relations Director for a small Midwestern college, I naively asked a senior staffer why the college’s tuition went up each year.

“Perceived value,” he said. “If we don’t cost as much as our competition, people will think we’re lower quality.”

I was flabbergasted then and I still am. The cost wasn’t tied to inflation or expenses but to image. No surprise that college tuition and expenses continue to rise, and student debt as well.

Competition is supposed to drive prices down. At the same time we have perceived value that keeps prices of luxury cars high cars (besides CEO’s inflated salaries, that is) because they wouldn’t want to be confused with economy cars.

If we’re consumers that can see beyond our desire for status, then we have several strategies to deal with this tyranny of appearances.

1. We can refuse to buy, refuse to be drawn in by “perceived value.” Ask the salesperson to relay our distain for perceived value to the business owner.

2. We can decline to compliment friends who do buy, even if we’re invited to stroke their egos. We don’t have to be mean. We can let our real values be known in a friendly way.

3. We can model alternative behavior. For example, wear Fair Trade clothes from other countries, and when complimented, briefly tell the story of the craftspeople who made it. Tell your friend where they can get Fair Trade items too. In this case, the value is not only in the beauty but also in the relationship with the artisan.

4. We could wear a T-shirt or display a bumper sticker: Perceived Value ≠ Real Value. Be prepared to explain.

5. Devise your strategy to confront/counteract/disarm perceived value and to promote/encourage real value.

I find the best way to define REAL VALUE is to use the Five Life Standards of Living More with Less. (You may choose another, such as the Ten Commandments.)

For example, since the resources and services of Simple Living Works! are free, they have no perceived value, though they have immense real value.

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