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Social Media Post #8 – Podcasting

Posted on: June 8, 2014


Blog Post #8 – Podcasting

A podcast is a way to reach people who’d rather listen than read, like me, either because of preference or because of failing eyesight. It is considered an extension of blogging, an audio/video blog. (Even for reading I prefer the internet to books because I can blow the type up as large as I need it.)

iTunes just passed 1 Billion podcast subscribers, not downloads. It’s no longer something just for geeks. iTunes distributes about half of all the podcasts. All the other services have the other half. Stitcher is for mobile devices.

The length; the frequency; scripted or outlined; solo, co-hosts or guests are all questions to ask before starting a podcast. I think 30-40 minutes is an ideal length because I like to listen while I’m exercising or biking. Anything longer and I have to listen in sessions. Some podcasters are far too self-indulgent and ramble on for an hour or more. Some are once a month, some once a week. Consistency is important for developing and maintaining an audience. Listeners develop expectations. Some podcasters produce an episode whenever they’re in the mood. I find that inconsiderate. I produce three podcast episodes a month.

I script my episodes because I’m an editor a heart. I want my episodes to be concise. I don’t want to waste my listeners’ time. Some hosts use an outline effectively.

SLW! is a solo podcast with occasional guests. uses co-hosts and always one interviewee. I prefer not to improvise.

A podcast must have Show Notes! They include a basic outline of the episode and links to all sites you mention in the episode. If you expect people to take notes while they listen, you’re crazy. Don’t even consider a podcast without Show Notes.

I do two podcasts: SLW! as host and producer, and with as co-host and producer.

Each one has five steps. Here are short descriptions:

1. Planning. We use Google Chrome g-mail for connection and Google Drive for viewing and editing planning documents by all members of the team at the same time.

2. Scripting/Outlining. Also Google Drive.

3. Recording. We use Hindenburg from Denmark because we like the features and business model. It costs, but there’s a discount for non-profits. Visit Other popular, free recording/editing systems include Audacity and Garageband.

4. Editing. Same.

5. Show Notes. I use – basic is free and sufficient. (I use, also free, for my blog. Same company, different uses.) The plug-in for podcasts on .org is PowerPress.

6. Uploading. I upload to Liberated Syndication – known as LibSyn – for storing. You can us it for Show Notes and distribution. I prefer to use PowerPress because it has more features, including the design or Theme or look of the Show Notes. LibSyn offers several plans: from $5/mo. for 50 megs to $15/mo. for 250 megs. I pay $7/month for 50 megs plus statistics so that I can follow the number of downloads per month.

The DETAILS for podcasting are extensive. They’re at the bottom of the site page when you’re ready for them.


The Joy of Podcasts — SLW! blog
The Audacity to Podcast (podcast) – Daniel J. Lewis – recommended
The Podcast Answer Man (podcast) – not recommended
Linked-In Groups: Social Media, Podcasting


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