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Going to Church on Christmas Eve

Posted on: December 19, 2014

3-A2166I have several strong memories of Christmas when I was a child. Relatives from my mother’s side of the family would gather on Christmas Eve for a grand meal. Then we would gather around a tree that always reached to the ceiling. It was surrounded by a mountain of gifts. Everybody gave something to everybody else. With little fanfare, I would start ripping into all my stuff. It seemed that no one paid much attention to what others were getting. After an hour or so it was over.

One year I asked my dad if we could go to church on Christmas Eve. He agreed. The problem was, I didn’t ask until Christmas Eve. When we got back, the rest of the group was pretty unhappy. We had changed the plan. Maybe we were right but we hadn’t considered the group.

Now we all go to church. Then we gather for some favorite foods. We take turns opening our gifts with considerable fanfare for each one. Though we are only four, it is so meaningful!

To encourage planning and communication we have developed “Let’s Talk About Christmas!” How are we going to celebrate Christmas this year? What is really most meaningful? Who’s going to do what? Are we willing to spend less on ourselves and give more to the needy? Ask your family, relatives, friends questions like these. Write down your decisions and post them. Mark your calendar on October 1st for each year! And remember Buy Nothing Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving!

Let’s Talk About Christmas worksheet in Simple Living 101 and Christmas Campaign Kit

Graphic: Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art #3-A2166

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