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SLW! eNews #43 – Clyde, Jeff, Greece, FinLit

Posted on: April 2, 2015





SLW! Podcast April Episodes

Clyde Griffith of

Off to Greece

Rita and I are walking in the steps of St. Paul in Greece during the the second half of April. SLW! blog will be on vacation till early May.

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April Is Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy and Media Literacy are two of the pillars of SLW! In additional to Jeff’s podcast comments (above), here are more helps:

Financial Literacy Month official site

“SLW! Recommends” Literacy Project on Financial Literacy/Consumerism

Financial Literacy Month? Don’t Be Fooled:  A solution to this ongoing crisis is emerging courtesy of the FoolProof Foundation’s Walter Cronkite Project. The project is offering a financial literacy curriculum that works. It is free, no strings attached — right now, to all teachers and educators. The curriculum is extensive — it offers up to 22 hours of financial literacy training, all turn-key for the teacher/mentor.

Making a Difference: Being Wise with Money using the Save-Spend-Share formula. Thrivent Financial is the nation’s largest fraternal organization. A merger of Lutheran Brotherhood and Aid Association for Lutherans, Thrivent now serves all Christians and distributes part of its profits through its members to any qualified 501-c-3, non-profit organization. (Disclaimer: Rita and I have all our retirement funds in Thrivent. Thrivent does not distribute funds to organizations that it considers “divisive.”)

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