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You’re welcome to contribute to our most widely-read resource, “Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?” #27 for Advent/Christmas. Though it’s no longer printed on paper, it is published online since 2012.

All past editions are still available on the SLW! site. The articles are carefully indexed.

The current edition will be updated as new material arrives, so send ideas and items anytime. Prepare something now while it’s really on your mind. An item may be new or not, original or not. (If it’s by someone else, include a complete description of the source.) We prefer items of 250 words or fewer (one page double-spaced). We reserve the right to edit.

  • ART (line drawing, photo) that depicts the tension between faith and culture, especially at Christmas.
  • PERSONAL EXPERIENCES (especially intergenerational ones) related to simplifying Christmas or finding meaning and happiness in relationships instead of stuff.
  • FAMILY ACTIVITIES, rituals or worshipful ceremonies for Advent, Christmas or Epiphany.

We reach many through our website, blogs, podcast and other media. Sorry, we cannot pay for any submissions. All of our original resources are free of charge.

Read past editions in the archives.

Please send your submissions by email to SimpleLivingWorks AT If you need to send something by US mail, email us and we’ll send you a mailing address.


What’s NOW with SLW!


Clean Stream Team. Steve Beumer on far right. His T-shirt: “God’s Work. Our Hands,” the motto of the ELCA, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Simple Living Works! Weekly Digest

SLW! Podcast Episode 51 :: Steve Beumer, White House ‘Champion of Change’ Honoree: People of Faith Acting for the Climate

What’s NOW with SLW!


See. . . Hear. . .Tell*

Simple Living Works! Weekly Digest

What’s NOW with SLW!

NorthWest Earth Institute‘s newest discussion course ebook,  Change Is Our Choice: Creating Climate Solutions

The OneEarth Project (Lee Van Ham)

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