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Simple Living Works! eNews

Posted on: April 30, 2016


Simple Living Works! eNews

May, 2016 – #56

In This Issue:

* * *

What’s NOW with SLW!

  • Our Daily Nudge reminders us that simple living is more than my or your personal happiness or success. Instead it’s about our mutuality.
    • All SLW! resources can be used for yourself, your family, your congregation or group – for inspiration and education. For example, if you’re tired of generic clip art for your worship bulletin, newsletter or web site, hopefully TheNUDGE will guide you to some more challenging, thoughtful reproducible items.
    • It is structured around our “Alternate Any Year Calendar,” plus some quotes and art from our collection “Spirit of Simplicity” and alternate celebrations from our “Treasury of Celebrations.” Most of the graphics are line art, “retro” drawings on purpose that highlight the text, the words.
    • While my weekly blog focuses on what other simple living/minimalist bloggers and podcasters are doing, and promotes the SLW! podcast, each Daily Nudge will focus on one resource from SLW! timeless archives.
    • While my weekly digest/blog is extensive – some would call it “text heavy” – containing some 50 links, each Daily Nudge is designed to have just one quote, one idea, one link.
    • Follow me, Gerald Iversen, on LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter for a daily nudge, or subscribe by email. Send NUDGE in the subject line to Follow Simple Living Works! on Facebook, Pinterest and now Instagram for occasional nudges. All the nudges are archived so you can catch up if need be. Go to, window #2. Your feedback is, of course, welcome.
    • The theme for May is a new look at Environment – The 4 R’s, epsecially appropriate for our podcast guest, activist Ed Fallon.

What’s Coming on SLW!

SLW! Podcast #69 – Renowned scholar and author Walter Brueggemann 

What Others Are Doing – So Much Help!

I’m glad to pass along links from simple living bloggers, podcasters, coaches and others. Some faith-based, some not. You needn’t read them all. Choose FIVE links — including SLW! — to investigate.

What’s Happened

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