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Simple Living Works! eNews

Posted on: February 1, 2017

John de Graaf

Simple Living Works! eNews

#65, Feb., 2017

In This Issue:

What’s NOW with SLW!

  • We’ve cancelled our vacation to Alaska and plan to see the fall colors in Vermont instead. More information about “I Buy Blue. Won’t You Too?
  • Bye-bye “Alternate Celebrations.” Simple Living Works! was originally called Alternatives. Since 1973, Alternatives has produced resources to help people of faith “challenge consumerism, live justly and celebrate responsibly.” To celebrate responsibly, we provided “alternate celebrations,” ways to celebrate holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) and rites of passage (birthday, anniversaries, etc.) that are much less commercial and build relationships.

    Now that the new regressive administration in DC is using “alternative facts” to distinguish themselves from the real facts, we may have to change “alternate celebrations” to something else to keep from being associated with a web of lies and deception. Using the Fifth Life Standard of “Living More with Less,” we will use “Non-Conform-Freely-Celebrations” for the time being. We hope that we can return to Alternate Celebrations when the cult of fake news is banished.

  • Simple Living SanityAlthough much of American culture already stands in opposition to a simpler lifestyle, the prospects of the new national administration and the predominance of regressive state administrations promise to put any progress on the Five Life Standards into reverse. We offer weekly Suggestions. READ MORE
  • SLW! Podcast #86 John de Graaf, producer of the famous “Affluenza” films and author of several books, including links to his recent articles.
  • SLW! Podcast #84-85 —Renowned Biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann on Money & Possessions // His book’s Preface, Foreword, Introduction (free online) — essential reading!
  • Our Daily Simpler Living Nudge
  • New Simpler Formats for 2017 — The monthly SLW! eNews and Weekly Digest will feature only the latest posts from colleague organizations. The complete Monthly Digest only on the SLW! site will be updated at least once a week. The Weekly Nudge will feature only offering from SLW! Both the Weekly Digest and Weekly Nudge come as part of your free subscription to SLW! Blog. The Daily Nudge comes by email (send NUDGE to or by Twitter @GeraldIversen. Choose the options that work for you.
  • SLW! Blog Index | SLW! Podcast Index
  • SUBSCRIBE to SLW! Podcast for free through or your favorite podcast service. Subscribe to SLW! Blog. Click “+Follow” at lower right of blog post, enter a name and email address. Welcome!
  • Simpler Living Alternative Daily Calendar – FEB.
  • Check out a few of SLW! thought-provoking, timely resources that might meet your personal, family or congregational/group needs. They’re all FREE. Visit Seasonal/Thematic Resource Index

What’s Coming

  • Early 2017 SLW! Podcast guests: Hazel Hendersonfounder, Ethical Markets Media, and Series Creator and Co-Executive Producer of its TV series, also author and syndicated columnist; Cecile Andrews, author and community organizer; and Nancy Pearlman, producer of EcoNews.

What Others Are Doing – So Much Help! – Latest Posts

I gladly pass along links from simple living bloggers, podcasters, coaches and others. Some faith-based, some not. You needn’t read them all. Choose FIVE links — including SLW! — to investigate. COMPLETE LIST

What’s Happened

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