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Posted on: August 8, 2018

Saying Good-Bye

To July & August?

Simpler Living Weekly Nudge


Saying Good-Bye to July & August?

In the Western world, most of the months in the first half of the year are names for Roman gods: January for Janus the god with two faces who looks back and forward; March for Mars, the god of war. The latter months are numbers: September = 7; Oct. = 8; Nov. = 9; Dec. = 10. Then why is Sept. the 9th month, Oct. the 10th, Nov. the 11th and Dec. the 12th? Likewise, days have been named for gods: Thursday for Thor, Saturday for Saturn, etc.

July was named for Julius Caesar and August for Augustus Caesar, Roman emperors. They were inserted after the gods, and the numbered months were shoved ahead by two.

And we’ve gone along with this scheme.

Well, not everybody. Some Quakers, a peace church, have refused to use months and days named for pagan gods and for war and empire. Some of them have and continue to use numbers for months. Likewise, indigenous peoples use other names for months, and some countries, such as Poland, use names based on natural phenomena of the seasons.

Since we in the U.S. use a form of numerical abbreviation, it wouldn’t be difficult or confusing to be honorary Quakers. 8/8/18 means, not Wednesday, August 8th, but the 8th Day of Month 8. Try it! Be a part of the Fifth Life Standard of Living More with Less — Non-Conform Freely. Do a bit of non-militarism, non-imperialism.

(Careful. In Europe they tend to switch the day and month, such as 31/12/18, and throw in 0’s, such as 29/08/18.) # # #

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What’s Happened

  • More Allies–Rita and I visited the Aztec Festival in Salinas, Calif., on Saturday. A couple dozen vendors were selling beautiful handicrafts. While we were there, we were virtually the only Anglos in sight.Besides the group of 50+ Native American dancers and drummers, I had the pleasure to meet Michael, an articulate young adult member of the Brown Berets. The Brown Berets were formed in East L.A. in the ’60’s and are now a national organization protecting the cultural and spiritual traditions of indigenous peoples from the Western Hemisphere. Devoted to non-violence, the Brown Berets welcome people from all backgrounds. They’re devoted to youth outreach, resistance to oppression and other similar causes and tactics. Some chapters, such as Watsonville, Calif., are autonomous and determine their own agendas. The chapter in Salinas is all women. Find out more on Facebook at Watsonville Brown Berets and Salinas Brown Berets.
  • Peace Is Non-Violent Action! On the Calif. Central Coast, every town in San Luis Obispo County had a “pop-up” demonstration organized by Women’s March to advocate for fair treatment of refugees. The big rally was in San Luis Obispo, the county seat. I proudly yielded my sign “Refugees Welcome” on a busy intersection at the “pop-up” in Paso Robles. In Sioux City, IA, three generations of Iversens demonstrated downtown along side 100+ others.
  • Bonus Podcast–Bonnie Tarwater of Church for Our Common Home
  • Why We Podcast–We truly believe in the missions of SLW! and Jubilee OneEarth Economics! The mainstream corporate media — left, right or center — exist to sell us more stuff. Though we are only the tiniest whisper, we cannot stop offering an honest alternative to that MultiEarth message. There is no Planet B. Here’s a list of worthwhile media. And even more.
  • Podcast Mini-Series Complete–Susan Taylor, author of What About Our Money? Part 1: Wrestling with Systems // Part 2: Matters of the Heart // Part 3: Giving and Investing
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