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Posted on: December 1, 2018



LATEST Episode–Fair Trade in Schools and Congregations (12/1/18)

Podcast Episode–WHOSE Birthday? part 3 (11/15/18) // Coming part 4 (12/15/18) [Preview Now]

Good-bye, Santa! Hello, Saint Nick!  — St. Nicholas Day, Dec. 6

Consumer Christmas Counter-Offensive

We’ve begun our Non-Consumer Christmas Campaign early this year. Since SLW! Podcast began in 2013, we’ve had a short series the last two months of the year reprising audio from an edition of “Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?”

This year we extend the series for four months, issuing a new episode the 15th of each month.

“WHOSE Birthday?” is the Advent-Christmas annual for individuals, families and congregations or groups that at one time was published on paper. Now all editions are free online.

SLW! (and its predecessor Alternatives) has been countering the consumer assault on faith since 1973. But our mission is not just limited to Christmas. Christmas is just the most glaring example of replacing true meaning in life with stuff. It goes on all year–at other holidays, rites of passage and everyday.

In the now 30 annual editions of “Whose Birthday?” we use gentle reminders, helpful tips, Biblical reflections and fun activities, not lectures nor condescending judgments. We try to show how each one of us can resist, non-cooperate in the system for our own health and that of those around us… our families, friends and congregations.

Technical note: The SHOW NOTES for each episode are extensive. You can listen to and/or read any/all the items in all four episode whenever your like by following the links. So, you can binge or wait for each episode to be released.

What Others Are Doing – So Much Help! – Latest Posts

I gladly pass along links from simple living bloggers, podcasters, coaches and others. Some faith-based, some not. You needn’t read them all. Choose just FIVE links to investigate. COMPLETE LIST (Monthly Digest). For links to earlier entries, check the previous SLW! Weekly Digests or Monthly Digests.

What’s Happened

  • Classic SLW! Blog: Celebrating Thanks-a-weenie 11/18/14
  • Non-Conform Freely Celebration–Buy Nothing Day (a.k.a. Black Friday)
  • 11/1/18 Podcast Episode: Jubilee Circles in Mexico–The Power of Small, Jubilee Circles to Bring Change
    This is episode #101  of The Common Good Podcast with co-hosts Lee Van Ham and Jerry Iversen, featuring Lee’s conversation with Angelica Juarez de Swanson and Lindsey Mercer Robledo from the September gathering of three Jubilee Circles in San Cristobal de las Cases in Chiapas, Mexico.
  • Post-Mid-Term Elections

    Here’s an update on my mini-campaign “I Buy Blue. How About You?” which I started in early 2017. Read the revised list of states here.

    Now that the result of the 2018 midterm elections are in, some states have turned from red to purple, thereby escaping the dreaded “avoid” status for purchases, conferences, etc.

    If you’re retirement age, you may remember the “red scare” back when Communists were called “reds.” Now predominantly Republican states are called “red.” I prefer “regressive” or even “repressive” because many of them are heavily committed to voter suppression.

    I avoid the conservative vs. liberal distinction. It’s more meaningful to use identifies such as “corporatist” for those who work for profits over people and “militarist” for those who would continue to force-feed the military. Most Republicans and some Democrats are corporatists and militarists.

    Progressives—Sanders Democrats and Greens—tend to be neither corporatists or militarists. Our motto is “people, peace and planet.” We realize that without health care for Earth’s air, water and soil, the human race will be vastly reduced by 2100. In that regard, we environmentalists are “conservatives,” working to conserve Earth’s resources rather than exploit them. We say “Tax the Rich!” instead of penalizing present and future retirees by blaming social programs for the growing national debt. Fix the tax scams passed for the wealthy and corporations.

  • Another Worthwhile Resource The Overpopulation Podcast from. . .

    World Population Balance – sustainable world and US population

  • Bonus Episode: Casady’s at the Calif. Climate Summit — The Common Good Podcast #100–Actions on Climate Science When National Decision-Makers Are Hostile and Big Business Won’t Do Nearly Enough
  • Climate Crisis Drivers: Overpopulation and Overconsumption + Jerry’s new YouTube video (see Resources)
  • Why We Podcast–We truly believe in the missions of SLW! and Jubilee OneEarth Economics! The mainstream corporate media — left, right or center — exist to sell us more stuff. Though we are only the tiniest whisper, we cannot stop offering an honest alternative to that MultiEarth message. There is no Planet B. Here’s a list of worthwhile media. And even more.
  • Our Daily Simpler Living Nudge — What It Is / How It Works / How to GET It – Subscribe by sending NUDGE to / How to SHARE It
  • Healthy Political Practices & Spiritual Disciplines  // Banishing Fake News  READ MORE // Simple Living SANITY // READ MORE
  • Previews of Simple Living Blogs, Podcasts and Sites // Collaborators & Champions
  • Recent Responses to SLW! media
  • Simpler Formats for 2019–The complete SLW! Monthly Digest on the SLW! site features the latest posts from colleague organizations and is updated weekly. Simpler Living Weekly Nudge will feature offerings from SLW! It comes as your free subscription to  SLW! Blog. The Daily Nudge comes by email (send NUDGE to or by Twitter @GeraldIversen. Choose the options that work for you.
  • Subscribers to SLW! Podcast and The Common Good Podcast (TCGP) will receive one episode of Simpler Living OneEarth Podcast each month. This makes good sense since the missions of both SLW! and Jubilee OneEarth Economics are so complementary and the two work together closely. Your comments on these changes are welcome.

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