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Posted on: May 17, 2019

5/15/19 – eNews #92

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LATEST–Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast Ep. 05/19: Steven Cornett, Partnering with Nature for Healthy Food and Soil through Regenerative Farming

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Tired of Being Guilted?

We’ve all seen or heard the ads of sorrowful disabled military veterans. I feel for them and refuse to give any money.

The U.S. military is being force fed. It gets half of every tax dollar! It has the responsibility and assets to take care of its own.

This is not the same as feeding hungry people around the world. Most of those people live in countries that cannot adequately care for their own. So we privileged people of conscience help out. We also help needy people here at home because much for our “social safety net” is diverted to the military.

Contemporary prophet Shane Claiborne has said: Yes, Jesus tells us to give to all who ask. But we don’t have to give what they ask for.

I never, for example, give money to a beggar. I can’t take the chance that I’m supporting an addiction. I give nutrition bars instead… portable food that almost anyone can eat.

We don’t give money for veterans’ care. The Veterans Administration is responsible for vets’ medical care. We can, however, share friendship with vets. Also, some so-called veterans organizations make large sums for themselves and the vets see very little of it.

I will not be guilted into supporting vets groups. Much of the military’s missions are for the sake of the rich and powerful, not for the security of the U.S. Military men and women serve the interests of corporations, some of which pay little or no tax and shift their operations overseas to benefit from cheap labor.

The military takes advantage of the patriotic spirit of young men and women and then orders them to kill other people. Some militaristic politicians are bullies who hide behind the flag and displays of force at public gatherings, such as football games.

Maybe we can’t avoid paying our taxes but we can turn our backs or take a knee at military parades. And we can reduce our taxes by giving much more to worthwhile, vetted humanitarian causes instead. (Learn about bunching in 12/7/18 blog.)

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Offsetting the CO2 We Release in Our Lives by Planting Trees

Here’s an Earth-Day-Everyday action OneEarth Jubilee recommends we all take to offset the CO2 we put into the air.

Some of us may be able to arrange life so that we use less energy produced by fossil fuels. Certainly, whatever way we can use less of that energy source is the way to go. But all of us have to travel some, heat or cool our homes, etc. Whatever amount we use, we can off-set the CO2 that fossil fuel puts into the atmosphere by planting trees to take CO2 out of the atmosphere. It’s not a perfect equation by any means. Trees take time to grow, and when they die they release CO2. But every day that trees grow they photosynthesize and remove CO2 from the air.

Here’s how it works. We use an internet calculator like to calculate our monthly or annual emissions. By the way, that site will calculate our emissions from other sources in our lives, not only travel. It’s an Australian site that is dedicated to helping us find best choices in this era of rapid climate change. We know that without massive mobilization, the disasters we’re now experiencing only multiply.

The calculator will tell us how much to donate to off-set our fossil fuel use. We invite you to donate that amount to Jubilee OneEarth Economics Tree Fund. Where you donate is important. Truth is, not all entities receiving these off-set donations are trustworthy. Every cent donated to the Jubilee Tree Fund will go to tree planting projects in one of three regions—San Diego (CA), San Mateo (MX), San Cristobal (MX). You see, the Jubilee Circles in these areas are all committed as deeply as possible to OneEarth ways. Each one is connected to at least one tree-planting or reforestation project.

We need lots of actions to reduce CO2 in our atmosphere. In 2019, CO2 levels globally are at 415ppm (parts per million), well above the 350 ppm which is where we need to be to keep our planet stable. The last time CO2 in the air was as high as it is today was 3,000,000 years ago. It was a time when oceans were also 50 to 80 feet higher than today. Hard to imagine the flooding that such levels would bring to the world’s coasts today.

OneEarth Jubilee looks forward to partnering with you to value creation in this way.

For more information, contact

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Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast Ep. 04/19: Pat Trahan, Banker, on Leaving Suburb Isolation for Urban Diversity; Leaving Wall Street to Invest in Neighborhood

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Free Subscription: Today’s Simpler Living Nudge

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What’s Happened

Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast Episode 03/19: InEquality Hurts Everybody–Talking to Chuck Collins from The InEquality Project [For better audio, listen to this episode on headphones or earbuds.]

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NO Trump Zone

While the Trump administration and the Republicans in general are sucking the air out of American discourse, and trying to distract us everyday from the really important issues of our Earth, most notably Overconsumption and Overpopulation as the primary drivers of the Climate Crisis, we will not publicize Trump’s lies or craziness.

We will protect ourselves, through such series as. . .

We will focus on what we all can do — large and small — to safeguard life on Earth, from No-Growth OneEarth Economics to dozens of daily habits. And we’ll highlight what constructive things others are doing.

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Legacy Interview of Jerry

Gerald Iversen on Radio Good News #147, 11/21/99, available on youtube at

The interview runs minutes 7-27 of the 30 minute program; John Thornton’s series ran 2/97-2/07.
[Please ignore our out-dated phone number, web site URL and email address given on the show.]

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Podcast Episode–02/19: Working for a moratorium on big ag animal confinements to safeguard our water and air.

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Plan Ahead! — Free Online from SLW!

The Good Life curriculum — 5 lessons to nurture simplicity and goodness in Christian community, based on the 5 Life Standards of Living More with Less

Ideal of intergenerational Vacation Bible School/Camp

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Jerry’s Top 10+ Progressive Podcasts

All available from iTunes, Stitcher or your favorite podcast service. Not in priority order. They’re all great!

NEW–Crazy Town from Post-Carbon Institute // NEW–What Would Jesus Pod? // The Fallon Forum with Ed Fallon // Best of the Left // GrowthBusters // Ralph Nader Radio Hour // RePros Fight Back // The Hartmann Report with Thom Hartmann // The OverPopulation Podcast from Population Balance // Jim Hightower’s Radio Lowdown (3 min.!) // Alternative Radio // and, of course, my own, Simpler OneEarth Living, now a co-production of Simple Living Works! and Jubilee OneEarth Economics. Also, not really a podcast, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO/YouTube).

Others that are excellent though not political: Homilies by Fr. Richard Rohr // On Being with Krista Tippet

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