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Posted on: October 22, 2019


In This Issue — Collapse of Capitalism or Change of Business Model? // A New Way to Avoid the Military/War Tax // Latest Podcast Episodes // Getting Ready Early for an Alternative Christmas Festival/Workshop // Solving the Climate Crisis with No-Growth Economics // FREE Daily NUDGE // Much More!


Collapse of Capitalism or Change of Business Model?

We took a stroll though our local mall recently. It’s changed a lot since it was built and we lived nearby 30+ years ago. Sears is closed, many businesses replaced by tattoo, massage and nail salons. Also in this medium-sized midwestern town, K-Mart is gone, as are the regional chains of Younkers and ShopKo.

Elsewhere, Bed, Bath & Beyond’s are closing. You probably have your own local examples.

At the same time Amazon grows wildly, pays no taxes and is now competing with UPS and FedEx as a major delivery service. Most restaurants provide delivery and many grocery stores offer shopping service. Is such convenience a problem or a relief? A sign of efficiency or privilege? Expedience or laziness? A time-saver or. . . ?

Do such signify the Collapse of Capitalism or Change of Business Model?

PeaceMakers and EarthLovers would hope that these indicate a shift toward No-Growth Economics—the way to live sustainably on a finite planet. Don’t count on it. The super wealthy and large corporations will do all they can to make sure that doesn’t happen. They strive that the growth line always goes up and to the right.

We cannot stop them legally. We can NOT comply, NOT co-operate, NOT concede. We can possibly slow the growth. Most of all we can be ready when the ecological implosion happens 2040-2050, both for ourselves, our families and our communities, AND for those elsewhere who choose to share instead of hoard, those who choose compassion over greed.

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A New Way to Avoid the Military/War Tax

Since the Republican Tax Scam of 2017 (RTS’17), peacemakers continue to search for ways legally to avoid paying the military/war tax.

The RTS’17 increased the standard deduction to 20% (from 10%) but also eliminated the personal exemption. While lowering tax rates for the ultra-rich, some of us normal people have paid significantly higher taxes. Under the Trump administration, most of the increase has gone to the military.

We have experimented with a method called “bunching,” whereby we take the new standard deduction and make non-deductible political contribution during election (odd-numbered) years. And we double up on charitable contributions and take itemized deductions in even-numbered years. See Weekly Nudge

That method has not worked out because the tax increase has sucked up all of the flexible cash we would normally give away.

We just became aware of a new instrument call QCD — Qualified Charitable Distributions. We will work with our financial institution, Thrivent Financial. Others may offer a similar plan.

It works for us because we receive MRD’s — minimum required distributions, payouts from annuities on which the taxes have not yet been paid. (Over against ROTH IRA’s on which taxes are paid in advance.)

In short, we send a list of charities and amounts to Thrivent. They send the funds to the charities instead of us. Since we don’t receive them, we don’t pay taxes on them. We take the standard 20% deduction. We still meet our minimum goal of 10% of our gross income to charities (called a tithe). And we can designate a QCD to any 501-c-3, non-profit organization. We can still give occasional, spontaneous contributions. We plan to update the QCD list, giving first to our most important charities and adding new ones later in the year.

We plan to receive some distributions from our ROTH IRA’s to make political contributions.

Your ideas are welcome.

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Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast Episode 10/19: Margaret Bullitt-Jonas–Are Faith Communities Mobilizing for the Climate Emergency?

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Solving the Climate Crisis with No-Growth Economics

To get a worldview very different from the greed and profit-oriented politicians and corporatists, visit these solution-oriented resources:

  1. GrowthBusters
  2. Post-Carbon InstituteSLW! Ep. 109–Richard Heinberg
  3. CASSE: Center for the Advancement of the Steady-State Economy — The Common Good Podcast Ep. 46–Brian Czech (use player)

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“Jubilee Circles” is now available also as an audiobook, at iTunes, Nook Audiobooks, Google Play, and, which offers a free sample. It includes 20 actions to take to help keep our planet livable. THAT’S THE LINK to the audio version of the little book “Jubilee Circles: Help Save Life on the Planet.” Please share this audio version with all who’d like to listen while jogging, walking, etc.

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Month 10/19 of the Simpler Living Daily Nudge

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Getting Ready Early for an Alternative Christmas Festival/Workshop

Refuse to be sucked into the fall hectics. Begin planning a less-consumer holiday season a little at a time. Use SLW! free online resources.

  1. Submit an item for the new edition of “Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?”
  2. Read a Festival Guide
  3. Read a Workshop Guide
  4. Peruse SLW! Advent-Christmas-Epiphany Article Index
  5. Unplug the Christmas Machine Workshop Leader’s Guide

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What’s Happened

The Global Climate Strike, Friday, 9/20: Report from Central Coast CA

I attended my local Climate Strike! in Paso Robles, Calif., Friday, 9/20/19 — as did 4+ million people around the globe. Our local event was one of several in our Central Coast San Luis Obispo county. It was organized by local high school students and attended by 60+ people, about half seniors and half students. It started at 8:30 and lunch was served at noon.

It was both inspiring and frustrating. The speakers and singers were inspiring. The younger speakers called for action; the academics shared stories about science and nature.

Minor frustrations included inexperienced chant leaders and comments from the crowd that could scarcely be heard because the M.C. didn’t urge them to use the mic. Those can be fixed with experience.

Bigger frustrations. As I worked the crowd introducing myself as the editor of the SLO Co. Social Justice eNews and gathering email addresses, I noticed that we had no public officials present — no city council, no city employees (except some of the the high school’ers teachers). Part of the problem, no doubt, was that the city participated in Creeks to Coast Cleanup at the same time, as part of National CleanUp Day, so some of the Earth-friendly folks may have been there.

Secondly, no media. Granted, our sole county TV station may have been at one of the other strikes and our local radio stations are not known for their news coverage. We’ll see if we get any space in the north county weekly newspapers. One friend heard about the strike on the local conservative AM station— both pro’s and con’s. I heard about it on FaceBook.

More strikes are scheduled for Friday, 9/27/19. We’ll have a big one at the County Courthouse in San Luis Obispo. If you missed your local strike, catch the next one for sure!

(Word from the relatives in mostly-red-Iowa is that no strikes happened in Sioux City, the third largest city, though there were strikes in the capital, Des Moines, and in Iowa City, home of the University of Iowa.)

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On-going Global Climate Strikes

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If you’ve ever felt like you don’t have enough information about an issue, that you should wait to see what others do first, or that your voice won’t make a difference, you’re not alone.

George S. Johnson’s new book, Silence Is Not the Answer is a collection of prophetic voices urging us to wake up, notice what is happening, and take a stand.

The book offers viewpoints from a variety of writers who call us to make our voices heard on critical justice issues. Walter Brueggemann, Bishop Herbert Chilstrom, Christine M. Smith, Larry Rasmussen, Jim Wallis, and others encourage us to break the silence—not by shouting down others but by starting a real conversation.

Here’s your chance to speak up, make better choices, and make your voice heard. Even one voice can start an avalanche of change.

We need to read and listen and then speak out for causes that we think are important.

His goal in writing this book and presenting a collection of clear, prophetic voices is to give people resources that will help them think and act critically in an age of confusion and conflicting voices. As we approach the 2020 elections, speaking out has never been more important.

You can read testimonials here.

You can purchase a copy of my book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local bookstore. George looks forward to hearing what you have to say about Silence Is Not the Answer. I hope you will consider telling a friend about the book, sharing the book on social media, and writing a review on Amazon.

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Native American Presidential Forum in Sioux City, IA, coincides with Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast series featuring Indigenous people there.

Warren Apologizes to Native Americans; Sanders Backs Rescinding Medals for Wounded Knee Massacre

2020 Candidates Address Historical Trauma, Missing Indigenous Women & More at Native American Forum  []

Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast Episode 08/19: Strong Women of the Four Directions

Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast Episode 07/19: Michael Patrick “White Eagle” O’Connor, native artist/Earth activist

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OverPopulation Update

World Population Balance held a recent Sustainable Population Meetup to unveil its latest media strategies to encourage smaller families, such as “Congestion Begins at Conception” from

If you think that overpopulation is only a problem for the developing world, read an enlightened and comprehensive perspective The U.S. Population Situation.

I plan to intensify my efforts with colleagues, not with deniers. Please explore and reflect on. . .

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Snapshots: How Money is Turned into Jubilee Actions

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Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast Episode 09/19: George Gastil–Doing Good Through Local Government

Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast Ep.06/19: Carrie Radloff, Working for Environmental Progress in the Politically Regressive Midwest

Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast Ep. 05/19: Steven Cornett, Partnering with Nature for Healthy Food and Soil through Regenerative Farming

Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast Ep. 04/19: Banker Pat Trahan on Leaving Suburb Isolation for Urban Diversity; Leaving Wall Street to Invest in Neighborhood

Simpler OneEarth Living Podcast Episode 03/19: InEquality Hurts Everybody–Talking to Chuck Collins from The InEquality Project [For better audio, listen to this episode on headphones or earbuds.]

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Offsetting the CO2 We Release in Our Lives by Planting Trees 

Here’s an Earth-Day-Everyday action OneEarth Jubilee recommends we all take to offset the CO2 we put into the air.

Some of us may be able to arrange life so that we use less energy produced by fossil fuels. Certainly, whatever way we can use less of that energy source is the way to go. But all of us have to travel some, heat or cool our homes, etc. Whatever amount we use, we can off-set the CO2 that fossil fuel puts into the atmosphere by planting trees to take CO2 out of the atmosphere. It’s not a perfect equation by any means. Trees take time to grow, and when they die they release CO2. But every day that trees grow they photosynthesize and remove CO2 from the air.

Here’s how it works. We use an internet calculator like to calculate our monthly or annual emissions. By the way, that site will calculate our emissions from other sources in our lives, not only travel. It’s an Australian site that is dedicated to helping us find best choices in this era of rapid climate change. We know that without massive mobilization, the disasters we’re now experiencing only multiply.

The calculator will tell us how much to donate to off-set our fossil fuel use. We invite you to donate that amount to Jubilee OneEarth Economics Tree Fund. Where you donate is important. Truth is, not all entities receiving these off-set donations are trustworthy. Every cent donated to the Jubilee Tree Fund will go to tree planting projects in one of three regions—San Diego (CA), San Mateo (MX), San Cristobal (MX). You see, the Jubilee Circles in these areas are all committed as deeply as possible to OneEarth ways. Each one is connected to at least one tree-planting or reforestation project.

We need lots of actions to reduce CO2 in our atmosphere. In 2019, CO2 levels globally are at 415ppm (parts per million), well above the 350 ppm which is where we need to be to keep our planet stable. The last time CO2 in the air was as high as it is today was 3,000,000 years ago. It was a time when oceans were also 50 to 80 feet higher than today. Hard to imagine the flooding that such levels would bring to the world’s coasts today.

OneEarth Jubilee looks forward to partnering with you to value creation in this way.

For more information, contact

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We will protect ourselves from Climate Crisis deniers, through such series as:

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