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Posted on: May 15, 2022

5/15/22 — eNews #128

Think Sustainable Population!

The signs are here that my prediction of environmental implosion in 2040-50 will indeed happen. I strongly empathize with our grandchildren who will be saddled with the immense problems that are coming. Being white, privileged people, they will probably survive, though billions around the world will  not.

We see starvation in many countries, especially Africa; excruciating heat, causing melting of polar ice, wildfires in the U.S. and even death in India; and problematic immigration.

Our opposing positions on abortion may not matter! Until our global population reaches a sustainable level of 3-4 billion, Mother Earth and all her children — human and non-human —  are in jeopardy. That can only happen if women choose to have only one child or to be child-free and are not pressured by relatives, friends or partners to have more. The means for that are common for females and males — voluntary sterilization, contraception, abstinence, and (for women) abortion.

“Entrepreneurs” will, of course, strategize to make even more money from the environmental disaster, as they have during the present pandemic. Politicians will argue for more bodies to pay more taxes and to “grow the economy.”

Tax the Rich!

I urge you to review my earlier essay: OverConsumption and OverPopulation Are the Two Primary Drivers of the Climate Crisis —

Thoughtful comments are welcome.

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May 20 — World Bee Day

BEES are some of the most important pollinators, ensuring food, sustainable agriculture & #biodiversity . They significantly contribute to the mitigation of #ClimateChange & the conservation of the environment


So on #WorldBeeDay




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Traveling Back to Iowa

I apologize to the progressive minority in Iowa for the following rant.

Though Rita and I have retired in California, one or both of us travel back to Iowa twice a year to visit our two grandkids. We have many friends, doctors and churches there that we respect and enjoy

We spent some 35 years doing our best to improve our corner of Iowa called Siouxland — Sioux City, IA; South S.C., NE; and North S.C., SD. Rita taught public school and I raised money for a new Public Radio station, KWIT (Western Iowa Tech Community College). Because of that we both get small pensions through IPERS (Iowa Public Employees Retirement System).

At the time (up to 2010) we had moderate politicians, including the distinguished US Senator Tom Harkin. But we noticed a sad change when the national embarrassment Steve King was elected to represent our congressional district. 

Iowa is a classic urban/rural split. The five largest “cities” lean moderate and the large rural population leans hard right. The two dominant crops are corn and soybeans, not grown for human consumption but as livestock feed and gasoline supplement (ethanol).  Big Ag pumps toxins from fertilizer and pesticides into the streams and rivers. (Listen to my podcast episode with ICCI—Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement).

<li><a href=\”\” target=\”_blank\”>Ep.02/19:</a> <b> Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement:</b> Why a moratorium on farm animal confinements? (02/19)

Since 2010, the legislature has been majority Republicans and regressive anti-woman, anti-worker policies have followed. Kim Reynolds (declared the second worst governor in the nation) has been nicknamed Covid-Kim for her lack of help during the pandemic. The state’s two U.S. senators are long-timer Chuck Grassley and new-comer Joni Ernst — both loyal members of the GOP (greedy obstructionist plutocrats). Grassley is so beloved by the wealthy conservatives that it’s proven virtually impossible to find someone to run against him.

On the positive side, the Iowa Chapter of Sierra Club and it numerous “groups” throughout the state are working to preserve Iowa’s natural environment. (Listen to my two episodes with Carrie Radloff.)

<li><a href=\”\” target=\”_blank\”>Ep.06/19:</a> <b>Carrie Radloff,</b> environmental activist (06/19)

<li><a href=\”\” target=\”_blank\”>Ep.06/21–</a><b>Carrie Radloff:</b> Midwest Environmental Activism

Once a purple state, Iowa is now red. I urge progressives to treat Iowa the same as other red states — avoid them if you can. Avoid visiting, avoid doing business there. Finances is the one thing conservatives understand. 

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Jerry, you may be interested to know that I’m running for Governor in Md. as a bread and roses socialist, with “the Simpler Living Option” at the heart of the campaign.  see: also


Jerome Segal

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Population Connection

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