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5-A0544Yes, I admit it, I’m a linear, left-brain kind of guy. I love to plan and see my plans realized.

My motto: “Make a Plan and Work It. Change it when necessary.”

The plan forces me to see the big picture, then to fill in the details. It prevents me from flailing about, feeling pulled in many directions. And it keeps me on task.

The second part is also important, being open to new ideas without being distracted by every notion.

It works whether it’s a new project or routine chores.

I also say, “Do the easy stuff first.” It’s a variation of the 80-20 rule — “20% of the people do 80% of the work.” In this case, 80% of the work is relatively easy, somewhat repetitive work. Do it first, if possible. We may learn things along the way that will prepare us for the harder 20%.

Make a plan and work it. Change it when necessary.


Some folks only want a device that works perfectly, i.e. my wife. And when it doesn’t, replace it. A few folks still repair things, as in reduce-recycle-REUSE. So many items are not designed to be repaired. They’re made cheaply and difficult to repair on purpose. Part of the plot to keep us constantly consuming is called planned obsolesense. That is, they’re designed to break.

I admit, I’m not very handy. Repair service can be expensive.

My solution is the work-around. Find some other way to do the job. Find some way to use the appliance, even if it doesn’t work perfectly. Or don’t do the job. Find another solution. It’s fun to think outside-the-box, to challenge the system.

Yes, work-arounds can be more time consuming. They’re not based on convenience, as so much of our economic system is.

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Peace, Gerald