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1-A508At its zenith, Alternatives had a national group of 850+ volunteers in the Simple Living Community Network (also known as
). Although that network no longer functions formally, SLW! strives to inspire those and many other self-starters to give talks, lead workshops and discussion groups, organize events, all to promote simpler living and the five Life Standards of Living More with Less.

SLW! offers the free Simple Living 101 toolbook for activists shy or bold.

I had the pleasure of meeting many of those volunteers on speaking tours to 300+ spots in 40+ states over 2-1/2 years. Meet some of them and see their pictures. | Faces of Simple Living blog

SLW! provides most of the materials a willing (or even reluctant) person needs — text, audio and video. The materials can be used year-round, though most of them are meant for the Advent/Christmas season because that’s when consumerism is at its most tempting. (January 15 is Teachable Moment Day. That’s when the Christmas credit card bills arrive!)

Do yourself and your friends and relatives a favor. Screw up your courage and offer to lead an event. Or start with an Alternative Giving letter to your giving circle. People will thank you. Many are thinking, “This can’t be right, the way we celebrate, but I didn’t want to rock the boat. Thank you for speaking up.”

For Fall SEASONAL HELPS, including links to AV and Text resources, see the show notes for SLW! podcast episode 6. Most of Alternatives’ audio resources for Christmas are part of the “Whose Birthday?” podcast series.

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We at Simple Living Works! believe that simple living really does work! Voluntary Simplicity, choosing to live simpler lives, is a faithful, satisfying and effective lifestyle. Through social media, we extend the mission and resources of the non-profit organization Alternatives, 1973-2011. Simple Living Works! web site home page | THEMES/Seasons Index | Submission guidelines for Whose Birthday? 2013 | Issues 1-24

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Peace, Gerald ”Jerry” Iversen, Chief SLW! Activist

GRAPHIC: Spirit of Simplicity: ART Chap. 1: Voluntary Simplicity #1-A508.

10-A1317People ask me why I continue to swim upstream. The purpose of my ministry continues to be helping Christians to walk their talk. A prophetic ministry is not about foretelling the future. It is about helping people to see the logical consequences of our actions.

So how do I get up each day? One of my main sources of inspiration has been the saying of St. Frances of Assisi, “We are not called to be successful but to be faithful.”

Another source is that voluntary simplicity is a comprehensive lifestyle – satisfying, effective, faithful and not deprivation. It’s so much more than wearing our favorite old clothes and growing a few tomatoes.  The five Life Standards of Living More with Less give us a framework.

Sometimes when I speak people say, “You’re just preaching to the choir.”  I reply, “Yes, because the choir needs to sing a whole lot louder!” People who are inclined to live more simply need support and tools. Changing those who are content with overconsumption is much harder. In case you missed Influencing Others.

Peace, Gerald