Simple Living Works!


Simple Living Works! – SLW! – extends the mission and offers the educational and inspirational resources of ALTERNATIVES for Simple Living, primarily through social media. “Equipping people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly and celebrate responsibly.” SLW! is an all-volunteer organization that sells nothing and solicits no donations. All of our materials and services are free of charge.

SLW! is based on the simple proposition that voluntary simplicity is a faithful, satisfying and effective lifestyle. It is based on the five Life Standards of the classic “Living More with Less.”

At a time when millions of Americans (and billions of humans) are living simply INvoluntarily, we hope that this service to show that simple living is NOT deprivation. It is such a joy to get the burden of stuff off our backs!

SLW! site highlights. . .


Educational/Inspiration Resources (archives)

Audio/Visual Resources (archives)

Faces of Simpler Living Travel Journal/Blog

Welcome to the SLW! site. Take your time. It’s very large. It contains free, timeless resources produced since 1973.

2 Responses to "About"

Gerald, You and Rita came to Mifflinville, Pennsylvania years ago now to speak to a group of my friends. I still strive to impress upon folks the importance of less stuff. I remain the coordinator for our church’s Alternative Gift Fair. This event has encouraged nearly $130K of monetary gifts to 30 different charities in the last nine years. That money could have bought a lot of “stuff” but folks gave it to help others.

Thank you for YOUR work in keeping us on the right track.

Hey guys, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I’ll certainly have a listen to your podcast … I’ve added you on my links –> friends, you doing the same helps people find our blogs 🙂

Keep in touch …


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