Simple Living Works!

Confessions of a Consumer Addict

Posted on: May 21, 2013

Transf Works elipse Blk bkgrd 114pxThis blog is a part of the Christian Simple Living  website where you can find a great deal of information on how and why to live simply as Christians. The blog is mostly monthly, going back to Jan., 2006.

It isn’t easy trying to live simply in 21st Century consumer culture. There are many roadblocks and naysayers who don’t want their consumer parades rained on, so many of us are still on the road to simplicity, but haven’t quite arrived yet. This blog is intended to help all of us make the transition to living simply, faithfully, peacefully, and sustainably, and to find joy and success as we do. Maybe we can influence others to join us on the journey as well! Here we can share our journeys, successes, doubts, questions, insights, and opinions, as we create a community on the journey together.

Christian Simple Living is a way of life that is based on Jesus’ teachings of compassion, love, and service. It is a radical way of living that does not conform to our profit-obsessed consumer culture, but rather frees us to live joyfully in the service of others. By following Christ into a simpler, more compassionate way of living we hope to contribute toward a more peaceful, socially just, healthier, and environmentally sustainable world.

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