Simple Living Works!

Multiple Paths

Posted on: June 19, 2013

4-A0308There are multiple paths to Voluntary Simplicity.

One is the secular, called “downshifting.”

A young executive is cruising along in high gear, peddling her sports car as fast as she can. She thinks, This is a lot of work! So she downshifts, maybe she takes a different job that has a smaller income but less stress. Maybe she moves into a smaller house in a rural area and grows her own tomatoes. Maybe she gets smart, gets control of her credit card and pays off her debts. Basically she’s downshifting to increase her personal happiness.

Christians adopt Voluntary Simplicity for the same and more reasons.

Personal happiness is good. But there’s more. We adopt Voluntary Simplicity also to be in touch with God and to help others. Voluntary Simplicity is a lifestyle of integrity, living as a disciple of Jesus, walking our talk.

More ideas:

The Common Good Podcast episode 28 (audio): Simple Living – Practical Implications

Also of interest:

What’s Happened to Simple Living?

The Five Life Standards of Living More with Less (series)

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Peace, Gerald

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