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Walter Brueggemann’s Advent Reflections

Posted on: December 5, 2013

3-A323Numerous well-known authors have written Advent/Christmas reflections for Alternatives. Check out Walter Brueggemann‘s six-part series for Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway? #1:


(Also reprinted in Whose Birthday? #22) This is not part of Whose Birthday? 2013 (#25).

He served on Alternative’s Honorary Board of Directors and as a judge for our Sing Justice! Do Justice! hymn competition. He wrote the Foreword for that collection.

Unfamiliar with Dr. Brueggemann?

More Alternative Advent Reflections to come — Joan Chittister, Bill McKibben, Ron Sider, Megan McKenna, Tom Sine. If you can’t wait, help yourself to the whole Whose Birthday? collection.

Other TEXT & ART Resources

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GRAPHIC: Spirit of Simplicity: Art: #3-A323

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