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Phil Petrie and John de Graaf Podcasts — SLW! eNews

Posted on: December 31, 2015

Earth Fair1

Phil Petrie (rear) with members and friends of Simple Living, St. Paul’s, at Earth Fest, San Diego

Simple Living Works! eNews

#52 – Jan., 2016

In This Issue:

  • SLW! Podcasts: Phil Petrie, John de Graaf
  • Epiphany: Not Ordinary Time!
  • New SLW! Blog Index
  • DIY Who’s Risen from the Dead, Anyway?
  • Worth Revisiting – Epiphany
  • Free Resources – Lent/Easter and NEXT Fall
  • What Others Are Doing – So much help!
  • More!

* * *

Note of Encouragement

Re: SLW! eNews – Advent Conspiracy

Jerry, I want to thank you for your e-newsletters.  They are just overflowing with food for thought and action ideas for doing and sharing.  This time around, I’m getting a good dose of the ever-talented and prolific Bob Sitze… was introduced to Clark Howard while seeking not to be bullied by Consumo… and even learned how to minimize my wardrobe!

I always enjoy reading popular writing that helps people with getting on responsibly with our lives.  It is also a good outreach tool.  Friends who are not church-related are pleasantly surprised when they find out how practical, easy to read and even fun a faith-based community can be, through Simple Living Works information.

Thank you!!


Lily R. Wu

Formerly of the Lutheran Peace Fellowship Board of Directors, and still an occasional Editorial Volunteer   

* * *

What’s NOW with SLW!

What’s Coming

SLW! Podcast #62: John de Graaf, producer of Affluenza the video and co-author of Affluenza the book; Champion of Simple Living (complete preview)

What Others Are Doing – So Much Help!

I’m glad to pass along links from simple living bloggers, podcasters, coaches and others. Some faith-based, some not. You needn’t read them all. Choose FIVE links — including SLW! — to investigate.

What’s Happened

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