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Simpler Living Weekly Nudge

Posted on: May 19, 2017

Simpler Living Weekly Nudge

May 19, 2017

In This Issue:

What’s NOW with SLW!

What Others Are Doing – So Much Help! – Latest Posts

I gladly pass along links from simple living bloggers, podcasters, coaches and others. Some faith-based, some not. You needn’t read them all. Choose just FIVE links to investigate. COMPLETE LIST (Monthly Digest)

What’s Happened

  • Simple Living SANITY Suggestion #16. Invite friends, serve snacks, write postcards to representatives. Have addresses, specifics ready. And/or ask them to bring their laptops and sign online petitions together. In Calif. these meetings are called Huddles, originating from the Women’s March.  More on ‘I Buy Blue’ and a list of states by color. // READ MORE
  • May 1-7– Screen-Free Week (formerly TV Turnoff Week and Digital DeTox Week, the last week in April) from the Center for Screen-Time Awareness. Escape the Fantasy – Get Real! No more radiation, laugh tracks or gratuitous violence. And once you try real life, you may never want to go back to the simulated variety again. Visit
  • SLW! Podcasts #91-92 — Hazel Henderson, founder of Ethical Markets Media, and Series Creator and Co-Executive Producer of its TV series
  • SLW! Podcast #90 —Author, blogger, speaker, coach Susan Vogt‘s timely Lenten discipline “Love your enemy” in the highly charged political scene.
  • New Simpler Formats for 2017 — The monthly SLW! eNews and Weekly Digest will feature only the latest posts from colleague organizations. The complete Monthly Digest only on the SLW! site will be updated at least once a week. The Weekly Nudge will feature only offering from SLW! Both the Weekly Digest and Weekly Nudge come as part of your free subscription to SLW! Blog. The Daily Nudge comes by email (send NUDGE to or by Twitter @GeraldIversen. Choose the options that work for you.
  • Previews of Simple Living Blogs, Podcasts and Sites // Collaborators & Champions
  • Recent Responses to all SLW! media

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Peace, Gerald “Jerry” Iversen, Chief SLW! Activist


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