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Simpler Living Weekly Nudge

Posted on: June 22, 2018

Simpler Living Weekly Nudge

June 22, 2018

I Got Scammed! How embarrassing. I’ve spent most of my life in communications. I promote media literacy. And I got suckered!

Here’s how it works so you’ll be forewarned. When I visited one of my favorite web sites, a survey popped up clearly labeled from that site. “Sure,” I thought, “I’d like to help my friends by answering a few questions. And they’re offering a reward, something that I could use.” So I answered 3-4 generic questions and then, to get the reward, I entered my credit card number to pay the postage for my reward. “Sure I can trust my friends with my credit card number. I don’t mind paying the postage.”

The reward arrived as promised. Everything’s fine. Except now I’m getting a very similar survey for several of my favorite sites. AND two weeks late a $190 charge on my credit card labeled “Subscription.” After calling the 800 number on the reward and waiting on hold, I actually talked to customer service. Yes, I have subscribed to an open-ended supply of vitamin supplements at $190 per month! Using my best phone skills and a great deal of persistence, I was able to get the “subscription” cancelled and a partial refund.

It turns out, a cookie had been placed in my computer which generates the surveys. By answering that I am male, the marketers pitched a male-oriented reward to me.

I’m telling this story partly for penance and mostly as a cautionary tale. Purge your computer’s cookies and search history regularly. Even the savvy of us can fall prey to to the con artists!

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