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Seven Earth Care Helps

Posted on: April 14, 2013


Thinking toward Earth Day, April 22, I hope the following free media will inspire you as much as they do me!

  • Eco-Justice Ministry helps churches go green. You might like to subscribe to their weekly eNews.
  • is the Sierra Club’s excellent weekly podcast. (30 minutes)
  • Living on Earth, the radio show from Public Radio International. Check out their podcast or find the show on your local public radio station.
  • Earth Focus is a 30-minute environmental news magazine that puts a human face on environmental issues by featuring under-publicized stories about how environmental changes are affecting everyday people.
  • Enviro Close-Up is a 30-minute TV interview series that can also be found on Blip.TV.
  • is an international movement to stop the climate crisis. The best way to take part is by organizing in your community. Read “Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet” by Bill McKibben, co-founder of
  • Watch Learn how you can support local food systems and benefit personally as well as enhancing your community and our environment. We will examine the special relationships that develop between the growers and the chefs and the consumers. By searching through the steps and the interactions of all the factors involved in bringing Food from the Farm to the Plate, we hope to show the deeper values and hidden benefits of supporting your local food systems.

EarthScore: Your Personal Environmental Audit & Guide

This book will make you aware of your connections to the Earth. Physically, we interact with the Earth in hundreds of different ways, most often indirectly through things we buy like food, consumer goods, and electricity—but also directly in acts such as driving and gardening. EarthScore takes you through a fun and educational exercise and tallies Impact Points, which assess one’s impact on the environment; counts Action Points, measuring positive contributions, and provides a score and rating on your own EarthScore chart. Used by many organizations and colleges.

Only $5 (including shipping). 48 pages, 8.5 × 11 with pullout EarthScore chart, paperback. To order a copy just e-mail your name and address to or write Jack Howell at Morning Sun Press, 1240 Quandt Road, Lafayette, CA 94549. Phone/fax (925) 932-1383. Visit Morning Sun Press for information on the book and solar cooking.

BONUS: Tips for simpler celebrations for the holidays and festivals in May-August.

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