Simple Living Works!

Living more simply can be lonely

Posted on: June 23, 2013

1-A1311Our families, our church, our social circle may think we’re peculiar. It may mean dealing with resentment when others don’t “get it.” When we are making corrections, living more responsibly and others don’t seem to have the slightest inclination to change their wasteful ways. Living Simply faces challenges, powerful forces.

It’s important to find another Simple Liver,  start a support group or connect with a Simplicity Circle.

Voluntary Simplicity is not romanticizing poverty, monks, the Amish or people who struggled through the Depression. That can diminish those people’s devotion or struggle, and to make the journey of discipleship look silly or “for others/unrelated to us,” untouchable. Poverty is NOT fun. Two thirds of the world population live in poverty Involuntarily. We have a choice.

We make choices about how we’re going to live — our micro-economy. Our little choices may or may not have impact on how governments or corporations operate on a large scale – the macro-economy.  None-the-less, we live within or below our means, avoid debt, give generously to the needy.


The Common Good Podcast #28: Simple Living – Practical Implications (audio)

How to Influence Others (text)

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Peace, Gerald

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