Simple Living Works!

5-A1399We take responsibility for food at home and in restaurants when we buy it. If we let it spoil or throw it away or refuse to eat it, it’s OUR WASTE.

Voluntary simplicity has a no-waste policy. It’s part of the first and fourth Life Standards – Do Justice and Care for Creation. We cannot allow ourselves to waste food when so many on the Earth go hungry. And we cannot afford to waste the Earth’s finite natural resources.

If we choose not to waste, then we don’t take responsibility for food unless we are determined to use it wisely —   in meeting our basic need for healthy food for ourselves and our families, not in over-indulging.

Unlike food, which is a consumable, we don’t use consumables that have a non-consumable alternative, like dishes and table service. Using paper or Styrofoam plates, cups or plastic forks at a church event, for example, is not only wasteful, it’s a lousy example. It says, “It’s OK for the church to put convenience ahead of care of the Earth. I guess we can do the same at home.”

When we’re rinsing the dishes, we use as little water as possible. It is poor stewardship to let a large stream of water run constantly while rinsing. (Yes, it’s OK to reach over and turn the water down – with a friendly smile — if a washing buddy is using too much water.)

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Podcast Reminder

SLW! Podcast episode #4 — Break Forth Into Joy: Beyond a Consumer Lifestyle, part 1 + Simplifying Fall Festivals with Treasury of CelebrationsCreate Celebrations That Reflect Your Values and Don’t Cost the Earth [free study guide | Video Version on YouTube]

QUICK OVERVIEW: Treasury of Celebrations

Part 1: Making Choices
• Simple Living
• Gift Giving
• Food and Celebration
• Getting Started

Part 2: Gifts

Part 3: Celebrations – rites of passage, like birthdays and weddings

winterspring and summer celebrations (later episodes).

I will bring some of them up again in future episodes at appropriate times. If you’re eager, you can read them now or anytime for free online in the archives of SLW!

In the fall, September-December:



Planning an Alternative Christmas Workshop
How to Organize an Alternative Christmas Community Festival

Alternatives’ Legacy Resource: Voluntary Simplicity Study/Action Guide also deals primarily with celebrations.

* * *

The Plan

We intend to produce a half-hour podcast twice a month, hopefully educational and inspiring for you, your family and your congregation or group.

How to Listen and Comment

We can listen to  podcasts at a time that suits us. Key “Simple Living Works” into the search box at the upper right of the iTunes Store page or click here. There are numerous podcast services, such as iTunes can be used on PCs or Macs. It’s no more complicated than your browser for your email. SmartPhones and iPads (or tablets) also have podcast apps.

You can access all the podcast audio and the show notes either at or at (then click window #3).

Or access individual episodes:

#1: Getting Acquainted

#2: 5 Life Standards

#3: Saga of Simply Enough

#4: Beyond a Consumer Lifestyle-1

We’ll send you an email when each episode is posted when you click the box at the bottom of the show notes. I hope you’re feeling comfortable accessing them, fitting them into your life and feeling their benefits.

When you go to the show notes — the written introduction — for each podcast episode, you’ll see an outline of the program plus lots of links to related or supporting material on the internet. Your comments are welcome.

Do your friends a favor. Share this blog and podcast.

Peace, Gerald

GRAPHIC: Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art: Chap. 5 – Care of Creation #5-A1399.


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