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His Brain. Her Brain.

Posted on: September 13, 2013

2-A3042Rita recently read “His Brain. Her Brain.” It explained something that annoys me.

When we’re in a small group of men and women, I hope that everyone gets time to speak, gets a turn, that no one dominates. Everyone listens while one person is speaking.

Not so in small women’s groups. They’re constantly having side conversations, sometimes on an entirely different topic. Rude! Rude! Rude!

The authors say that women’s and men’s brains are wired differently. Men tend to focus on one task. We’re work-oriented. Women are more alert to what’s going around them and responding to it – originally for protection of the family.

OK. I still don’t like to be interrupted. If it’s my turn to talk, I want to be heard. Yes, I believe that I have important thoughts to share. And in return I offer the same courtesy.

In fact, if someone interrupts me, I may stop talking mid-sentence. You may think that’s passive aggressive. Actually, I bookmark my place, and when I have an opening, I may go back to my place, so I can complete my thought, even if the interrupter has changed the subject.

Some folks follow the Native American tradition of the Talking Stick. The stick is passed in a circle and no one interrupts the one who has the stick.

If we’re shootin’ the breeze, maybe it doesn’t matter who’s talkin’. If we’re discussing something important, we take turns! Otherwise we’re just filling time waiting for the end.

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Peace, Gerald

GRAPHIC: Spirit of Simplicity: Quotes & Art: Chap. 2 – Building Community #2-A3042.

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