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Thank the Rich

Posted on: July 20, 2014


“Tax the Rich” is probably the quickest, most direct way out of our economic woes. FDR did that and it worked, in combination with an amazing jobs program, such as the Youth Conservation Corps, and raising the minimum wage.

Now I see that greed of the really rich – the 1% — may accomplish what decades of encouragement have failed to do – to get Americans to adopt voluntary simplicity as an effective and satisfying lifestyle.

Now rampant social inequity is forcing millions into INvoluntary simplicity, something familiar to 2/3rds of the world, the majority in the “developing” world. In their case they live from one day to the next without choice.

I say this with no delight. The transition will be long and painful. The really rich few will continue to grow richer thanks to their lap dogs in D.C. and many states, who continue to crank out laws that favor them. And the majority of the rest of us are too short-sighted, too gullible, too controlled by right-wing religious “leaders” to vote in our own interests.

Sadly, this forced adoption of simpler living will be good practice for the implosion of the Earth’s environment which is scheduled to begin about 2050. Our children and grandchildren of today will be ready for the truly harsh realities of the second half of this century. No technology, no wishful thinking will save us from the Great Implosion. We cannot count on God to rescue us.

Voluntary simplicity is not about deprivation. INvoluntary simplicity IS.

The best we may be able to do is to change our personal lives so that the Great Implosion happens more gradually and with less negative force. We can vote for those who have a vision of caring for the Earth and NOT of economic “growth,” which just continues to devour the Earth. The Green Party has the vision but currently not the infrastructure to do what needs to be done. Anyone who votes for a libertarian or Tea Party candidate has no one but themselves to blame for the misery of their grandchildren.

No, I am not proposing Survivalism, where we hoard and arm ourselves. I’m preaching COMMUNITARIANISM — no, not Communism – wherein we work for the benefit of our community before our own personal “rights.”

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1 Response to "Thank the Rich"

Well said. Nice to think that those who learn voluntary simplicity might be teachers and leaders when things get bad.

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