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Alternate 4th of July

Posted on: June 27, 2013


Welcoming Strangers

“We’re losing control of our borders!” This is not a new opinion. King George tried unsuccessfully to restrict immigration to the colonies. His action prompted one of the grievances leveled against British rule in the Declaration of Independence.

Actually, we have never had control of our borders. If the first Americans had controlled their borders, most of us would not be here. Perhaps we are afraid that newcomers to the U.S. will treat us like our ancestors treated native Americans.

Knowing what to do about foreigners in need of refuge is not easy. Doing justice toward all those affected by our decisions is no simple matter. The social and economic implications of immigration are complex, both for U.S. citizens and for those who come from abroad.

With regard to those who are already here, the Bible’s mandate to us is clear: we should welcome strangers and help them get settled in their new home. Many churches have recognized their responsibility and have persevered in a climate which sometimes questions even the presence of foreigners in the United States.

Celebrate this Independence Day by recalling why you or your ancestors came to America, and compare these reasons with those of people coming today. Decide to find out all you can about this complex problem. But don’t stop there. Take part in welcoming and assisting those who are already here.

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Peace, Gerald

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