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New “Simply Advent” eResources

Posted on: August 27, 2014


It’s so encouraging when someone uses or re-issues some of Alternatives’ resources. World Vision Canada has repackaged our Simply Enough DVD of Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne as Choose Justice with an extensive Conversation Guide.

Wood Lake Books — publisher of The Alternative Wedding Book and Treasury of Celebrations — has included The Christmas Game in their popular curriculum Seasons of the Spirit.

Now Paul Canavese of The Pastoral Center has incorporated some of Alternatives’ Advent/Christmas resources in its new Simply Advent eResource series. (Or see all of their Advent eResources.) Although their market is primarily Catholic, their four inserts for the Sundays in Advent are quite ecumenical. Their goal is to continue including Simple Living into future resources.

How an eResourse works. You pay a small amount for the right to copy a resource for your family or congregation. You make as many copies as you like. Yes, you could create your own resources for free using Alternatives’ art and text, either the original combination or your new combination. Or you could add your own text to our art or visa verse. For example, we use Alternatives’ art each year for our family eNews Christmas letter from Spirit of Simplicity or Worship Alternatives. (Some examples of finished designs)

You may ask, “Why are these folks selling these items when they are available for free on” They received permission to incorporate them into new resources. They are people we have worked with before and we trust. Almost all of Alternative’s resources are now covered by the Creative Commons license to save them from abuse. That allows them to be used free of charge, but not sold without permission.

I’ve scheduled an interview with Paul Canavese, also the head of, for a SLW! Podcast in Oct. Paul and spouse Ann have contributed to the supplement to Wedding Alternatives. They also hosted Rita and I on a speaking tour. Read the notes of that visit at Post #58. As an internet security expert, he also brought our colleague organization, Jubilee Economics back to health after we were hacked.

So, you have the choice — if you have the time and inclination — to design your own resources using Alternatives’ elements, or to pay someone else a bit to use their Alternatives-inspired eResources.

Yet another option: get copies of Alternatives’ originals on paper, CD or DVD from the ELCA Archives at nominal cost.

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